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Issue 40 September 2015

posted 27 Aug 2015, 19:18 by Ian Holmes-Lewis   [ updated 10 Sep 2017, 12:02 ]

Over a lovely weekend, the annual show was its usual colourful display of flowers, fruit and vegetables. Chairman Gareth Turner welcomed everyone, giving a particular thanks to Bill and Muriel Phillips for their long association and hard work of 32 years with the Society, before introducing Rosemary Jarvis from Dollar who opened the Show and presented the prizes.

The handcraft section was well supported with particular praise from the judges for the Christmas decorations, while the Preserve and Baking classes were as good as ever with Lorna Jack being awarded the outstanding entry across all the Baking classes for her gingerbread loaf.

Dahlias were not so prolific this year due to our non-existent summer but nevertheless exhibitors showed amazing blooms, particularly the Gladioli, Annuals and Herbaceous.

Jim Lowe scooped the main awards for his vegetables and all classes were well represented from local gardens, while in the fruit section a dish of figs attracted interest.

Floral Art attracted many entries for an arrangement in an egg cup and the class of an Exhibit Depicting a Nursery Rhyme showed off talents illustrating Little Miss Muffet, Ring a Ring of Roses, Polly put the Kettle on and There was an Old Woman who lived in a Shoe, while the

Favourite Sport Exhibit attracted arrangements depicting Croquet and Curling.

In the back kitchen, the tile makers were busy creating 4” square designs to incorporate a mosaic display to be mounted along with information boards in both Saline and Steelend. This is an on-going project and would welcome anyone wishing to create a tile to add to the collection.

The AGM of the Society will be held on Tuesday 20 October at 7.30 pm in Saline Community Centre and the committee would be delighted for anyone interested to come along and take an interest in the Society and if possible lend a hand. New ideas and plans are always welcome.

Sheila Travers, Secretary 


This annual event took place on Saturday 5 and Sunday 6 September. The show was opened this year by Rosemary Jarvis who has a garden in Dollar that she opens as part of the Scottish Open Gardens Scheme; her garden has also featured on The Beechgrove Garden program. Rosemary delivered an interesting and encouraging address before officially opening the show.

All exhibitors have struggled with the weather this year and as a result some entries were down but since we cannot yet control the weather these are challenges we have to put up with and simply look forward to better growing season next year.

Bill Phillips and his wife Muriel have been associated with the Saline Horticultural Society for 32 years but this year, due to ill health, Bill was unable to participate as a Committee Member or exhibitor and his presence and entries were greatly missed. I was delighted that Muriel was able to bring Bill to the show on Saturday afternoon. We all wish Bill the very best and hope he makes a full and speedy recovery.

We had to add an additional table for the children’s entries this year; hopefully all those who created miniature gardens, animals from vegetables or did some home baking had fun making their entries. Thank you all for taking the time to enter the show and we hope to see you all again next year.

The Flower and Vegetable Show is not just flowers and vegetables; there are categories for just about everything from cut flowers to home baking as well as handicraft. It’s a fun event and we really would like to see more of the community taking part. A bit of competition never did anyone any harm and there are prizes and certificates awarded. I suspect that some of you reading this may have never visited the show or taken part, perhaps put off because gardening is not your thing; well, next year why not pop along have a look round, enjoy a cup of tea and some cake then perhaps be inspired to take part next time. I look forward to seeing you.

The committee can set up the event but the show happens because many people do take part by bringing along their exhibits and it’s those entries that make the show what it is. It was a good show despite the weather, thank you to all exhibitors near and far.

Finally my thanks to the committee, the catering team and the heavy lifters who move all the staging.

Let’s also not forget Marylla and Liz who hosted more tile-making activities during this year’s show; I hope you made your tile.

Next year let’s make it an even better show. Look out for the show schedule in 2016; it will be included in the May Bulletin and it will be on the community website.

Gareth Turner, President & Chairman. 


The next Community Engagement Meeting will be held at Oakley Community Centre at 7.00pm on 16 September.

The Editor reserves the right to refuse, edit or factually correct all items submitted for publication. All views expressed in this Bulletin are purely those of the author of the item concerned and are not necessarily those of the Editor or of the Communications Group as a whole. 


SEG recently held our AGM and recapped on a fairly busy year - helping the Heritage Society with tidying up the graveyard and the open day in June, painting benches round the village, lending a hand with clearing up Steelend bog and the annual clear up of the Glen. Future activities include more bird boxes going up in the Glen, planting bulbs at various places in the village, painting the benches before the winter and looking at stewardship of the community orchard.

Discussion took place re tree preservation orders in light of future housing developments and if anyone is aware of a particular tree that they feel warrants a TPO, then please let Joe Crawford know and he will alert Fife Council.

SEG has plenty to look forward to and if anyone would like to become involved in any way at all, speak to Joe Crawford, Chairperson, as new members are always welcome.


All the Sections have now restarted after the Summer Break, the Leaders returning after their well earned rest.

The Beaver Colony is continuing to grow and has some exciting activities planned for this term and next, including a joint outing with the Cub Pack to the Fire Station and a sleepover in the Hall.

The Cub Pack has increased its numbers as the Beavers moved up to the Pack at the start of the new term. The Cubs are also looking forward to the joint activities which are planned with the Beavers.

As I write this, the Scouts are off to their first camp of the new session. This term they are looking into Community Challenges, and Faiths and Beliefs.

The Explorer Unit has already started with a bang with an adventure day sailing experience with the Sea Scouts at Limekilns. They are also looking at some joint activities with the Scouts, such as camping.

On 27 September the whole Group will be taking part in the Dunfermline District Scout Sports at the Pitreavie Sports Stadium. This will be a family fun day and it is hoped many parents and friends will come along to support and cheer on the youngsters.

Peter Philp 
Group Scout Leader 
01383 852612 
116th Fife Scout Group 
Registered Charity Number SC031132 

All contributions for inclusion in the Bulletin are welcome and should be submitted to Jacquie Clapperton on   or by telephoning 852367. 


We would like to thank all who came along to support our local gala, and especially those who contributed by giving up their time to help or by donating prizes to our raffle.

We would also like to thank the following local businesses for their generous donations: Express Garage Doors, SRJ Windows, Village Cars, Saline Store, Johnson Butchers, Cusick Motors, Steelend Miners Social Club, Mainbrace Rosyth, Saline & Steelend Community Council, Fife Council and CISWO for grants.

Without this continued support we would not be able to continue with this yearly event. 

Thank you all once again. 


Regular Sunday morning services continue as usual at 10.30 am except for Sunday 13 September when we will be joining Oakley and Carnock congregations for a Joint Service in Oakley Church at 10.00am. Transport for those who need it is being arranged and there will be provision for young children at this Family Service.

At the Harvest Thanksgiving Service on Sunday 4 October there will be a Thanksgiving Offering for Water Aid.

There will be a celebration of Holy Communion on Sunday 25 October.

The Sunday School which meets during Sunday morning services has resumed its regular programme and plans are being made to provide a week night club for the older Primary School children. The Church Guild resumes fortnightly meetings on Monday 7 September when the Rev Douglas Aitken will conduct a short Communion Service and plans for the varied programme for the rest of the session will be discussed. The meeting on 21 September will be an afternoon visit to Cherrytrees House. The Craft Group restarts on Tuesday 8 at 2.00pm and will continue every second Tuesday till the Christmas break. The Study Group has started weekly meetings again in the Hall on Thursday mornings at 10.30 am .A warm will welcome will be given to any newcomer who would like to come along and find out about any of these groups.

Rainbows and Brownies have resumed their regular meetings on Thursdays. Plans to restart the Guide Unit are well advanced; details will be advertised as soon as possible.

Highland Dancing classes have resumed at their regular times.

The Restoration Fund benefited by £500 after the Fun Day at Craigluscar Farm on 23 August; the large company of all ages thoroughly enjoyed themselves.

It is planned to hold another Craft Day in the Hall in October; date and time are still to be confirmed. A Swop Shop evening is planned for 13 November, starting at 7.00pm, in the Hall.

World's Biggest Coffee Morning

in aid of McMillan Cancer Support 

Saline Church Hall 
Wednesday 16 September 
11.30am – 1.00pm 
Bring and Buy Stall 

All welcome 


A well-attended August meeting waded through a long but relevant agenda.

Allanwater Site off Oakley Road

Bulletin readers will be well aware of our elected members support for the community by being minded to refuse Allanwater's application against the officials' recommendation. Nevertheless, most people did not oppose the development of the site but felt that the design did not reflect the requirements of the outline consent. In an effort to secure an acceptable outcome, the Community Council invited the company to participate in an open discussion with those attending the Community Council. Sam Sweeney from Bracewell Stirling attended. Mr Sweeney outlined the background to the application and decision. Allanwater had considered appealing but had decided that it would be quicker to revise their proposals. He described the investigations of the local house types and forms that had influenced the revised designs. The number of houses now proposed has been reduced from 81 to 61 properties but this has been achieved by deleting the 20 “affordable” houses. It appears that Fife Council had intended to buy these but changed its mind, while it was impossible to agree an acceptable price with Kingdom Housing Association. As a result, Allanwater will be making a contribution to Fife Council for “affordable” housing elsewhere. This decision was met with some dismay by those present as affordable housing is a priority in the Community Action Plan. A play area will not be provided on the site due to the proximity of the facility off Oaklea/Upper Kinneddar, and instead Allanwater will be paying a contribution to Fife Council. It was felt that this should be used to address needs being investigated by the Playpark Group of young parents. It was also considered essential that the community is fully involved at all stages. The meeting concluded that the revisions were acceptable and the chair, David Chisholm, remarked that this progress demonstrated the value of proper consultation.

Former Hotel Site

An improvement in the appearance of the site has been noted and it is understood that the developers are proposing two cottages rather than three houses for which planning consent was obtained.

Saline Post Office

Contrary to the rumour circulating at the time of the previous meeting, Post Office PLC is not aware of any plan to close the post office and had re-affirmed that it will keep the Community Council aware of any developments.

Planning Department Consultation Meeting

David Chisholm had participated in this poorly attended meeting although a healthy attendance by West Fife Villages Community Councils was noted, perhaps reflecting dissatisfaction with the “service”. Development Services management considered that they were doing a good job but seemed to accept concerns about officers' accessibility and charges for consultations. They will investigate the appointment of a dedicated officer to liaise with Community Councils.

Playpark Group

Melanie Mitchell advised that they had held an initial meeting, and progress was being made towards formally establishing the group. They had also met Claire Lovett from Fife Council.


David Chisholm reported on a meeting that he and Cllr Clelland had had with the owners of Village Cars regarding the many complaints about cars parked throughout the community. The owners denied that all of the vehicles belonged to them. There were concerns that vehicles parked in the community centre car park will adversely impact on the forthcoming Horticultural Show.


The Community Council has been informed of a start on work on the replacement SesPlan that will set out the strategy for housing etc in the Edinburgh City Region. Someone from SesPlan must have tried to get in to Edinburgh in the morning as they are considering a change, to the effect that Edinburgh's housing needs will be met south of the river. The consultation document can be examined on the Saline and Steelend web site. A number of drop-in events have been arranged but unfortunately the one in Dunfermline has already passed but anyone interested can drop in to Inverkething Civic Centre on 14 September between 3 and 7 pm.

Kingdom Housing Association

KHA will shortly be submitting their planning application with a view to starting work later this year. Alan Henderson from KHA will attend the next Community Council meeting.


The Community Council has learned that the application for a turbine on West Craighouse Farm, opposed by many residents, has been approved following appeal, while the one proposed at Mains of Kinneddar has been approved by Fife Council. Both these proposals will generate income for the community and the Community Council will be contacting the developers to find a way to ensure that funds best meet community priorities. Morag Aitken reported on the opposition to the siting of the proposed turbine at Killernie Farm. As reported in previous Bulletins, local people did not object to the original position but felt that the revised location was wholly unacceptable. However, it is understood that the proposal will not now be proceeding.

Heritage Angels

The previous Bulletin reported that the Community Council had proposed Saline Heritage Society for a Heritage Angels award. Unfortunately, the Community Council has been advised that there had been stiff competition and the proposal would not be proceeding to the next stage. While this is disappointing, the exercise had highlighted the excellent work being carried out by the Society. It will shortly be starting its winter programme of talks so, why not give it a try? The talks are interesting and entertaining, fees are minimal and it is a chance to meet fellow residents.


Residents in the North Road area had complained to Fife Council about flooding in the play area. The Council had responded by closing it off. Following further representations the Council repositioned the fence so that the play equipment could be used. Other residents have now pointed out that there is flooding in other areas north of Main Street and the feeling was that action is required to address these issues. It was also noted that the boundary wall of an adjoining property is leaning into the play area and Fife Council will be asked to investigate.

Traffic Speeds

A Fife Council official has been spotted measuring up for signs through Upper Steelend. This is seen as a positive step following the meeting that Cllr Clelland organised between residents and Phil Clarke from Transportation. David Chisholm advised that Phil Clarke was willing to meet community representatives to discuss measures to address road safety issues across the parish. Watch the Bulletin and web site for details. While the problem boy racer mentioned several months ago has received a warning from police officers, residents remain concerned about bad driving through the chicanes on West Road. It seems that some see the chicanes as a challenge to speed through. Martin Cairns suggested community ‘speed checks’, as carried out in other places, and it seems the police would be supportive. It was suggested that this be raised at the next Police Liaison meeting on 16 September. Marie Crane reminded us that these meetings are open to ALL and that these meetings guide police priorities.

Saline Glen

David Chisholm advised that Saline and Steelend Community Development Trust has been awarded a grant from the Big Lottery to appoint a consultant to advise on the feasibility of the community acquiring Saline Glen. The consultant will be advising on a range of issues including risks and liabilities, opportunities for improvements, costs, valuations and how the community could manage this asset. Local people will be consulted as part of the exercise

Date of Next Meeting

Tuesday 29 September 2015 at 7.30pm in Saline Community Centre. All are welcome.

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