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Issue 82 December 2019 - January 2020

posted 3 Dec 2019, 14:10 by Ian Holmes-Lewis   [ updated 3 Feb 2020, 10:07 ]
detail from a photo by Dave Hatton


Hi, Layla and Harry here, the Saline Primary School Captains. We are going to tell you what has been going on in the school since our last entry into the newsletter.

November 11-15 was Anti-Bullying Week and P6/7 made posters and put them around the school. P5/6 made posters and researched what bullying actually is and then recited a poem at the anti-bullying assembly on Thursday 14 November. P3/4/5 made posters and scenarios about bullying. 

P1-3 have been too busy practising hard for the nativity alongside their normal school work they have had no time for anything else!

This year the nativity will be held in the Community Centre. We will have a dress rehearsal for the school on Friday 6 December and the performances for parents and carers will be on Monday 9 December (pm) and Wednesday 11 December (am).

On Tuesday 10 December the whole school and nursery are going to the Alhambra Theatre to watch the Pantomime. We are very excited!

It is a very busy term with lots going on. The Parent Council Bazaar will be on Friday 13 December from 3pm onwards. There is a special visitor coming! We will also be celebrating Christmas Jumper Day that day too. Our end of term service will be on Friday 20 December in the Church – all welcome!

All the pupils and staff at Saline Primary School wish everyone a very Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year.

Layla, Harry and a small addition at the end from Mrs Perkins.


We are now in the busy run up to Christmas and New Year.

6 December - The Seniors Christmas Party for members is at 7.00pm. Please put your name on the list behind the bar if you would like to attend.

14 December – The monthly Saturday quiz starts at 8.30 pm. New teams welcome.

18 December – Christmas Carols and Mince Pies at 6-7.30 pm. All Welcome.

19 December – The Christmas Quiz with “bring a contribution of festive goodies to share”.

22 December – Children’s Christmas Party, 2.30-4.30 pm. Members please add your children’s names to list in the clubhouse.

27 December – The weekly quiz moves to Friday this week but at 8.30pm as normal.

3 January – The quiz is Friday again this week, 8.30pm as normal.

Angie is serving up festive lunches during December. Why not pop in, see the menu and book a table? The full breakfast menu is available from 9.00am on Saturdays and Sundays.

Social Membership is still available for only £12 per person. Come and join us! 

The Committee would like to take this opportunity to say thank you to everyone who has supported the Golf, social and fundraising events. It has been a fabulous year with a wide range of events and we wish you all the best for Christmas and New Year.


The Fife Health and Social Care Partnership has produced a leaflet on what to do when your GP surgery, dentist and local pharmacy are closed, and you are too ill to wait. In this instance you should call 111 but, in an emergency, call 999. The full leaflet contains more information on what to do and can be examined on the community Facebook page. The gist of the leaflet is as follows:

How to access urgent care out of hours

When your GP, Dentist or Pharmacy is closed Dial 111, unless it's an emergency (e.g. severe injury, breathing difficulties, severe bleeding, suspected heart-attack or stroke) in which case dial 999.

To ensure everyone gets seen by the right person and in the right place, please talk before you walk and call NHS 24 (111 – free number) first. There are a few ways you will be supported depending on your needs:

  • an advice call from a GP, nurse or paramedic

  • an appointment at a centre with a GP, nurse or paramedic

  • receive a home visit from a GP, nurse, paramedic or district nurse

Other useful information for help over the holiday season can be found by clicking on these links:


A depressingly dreich evening and the latest head cold afflicting some regulars led to another reduced attendance. Nevertheless, there was lively discussion on a number of important issues. David Chisholm reported on the death of another former attendee, Dennis McIntosh. Dennis and Margaret had been faithful regulars at Community Council meetings until Dennis's failing health forced a move to be closer to their family.

Community Action Plan

The sub-committee of volunteers who are working with the Coalfield Communities Regeneration Trust on the Action Plan Review has met. One issue is that there is a need for young people's views to be considered and, ideally, for representatives to be involved. 

Saline Primary School is already engaged but there is a need to consult Queen Anne pupils. If you are willing to help, possibly by canvassing opinion on the school bus, please contact David Chisholm ( or Donald Murdoch ( if you need more information. 

The possibility of an event for young people is currently being investigated. 

(to answer four questions)

It is vital that people make their views known if the new Plan is to reflect community priorities. More people need to complete the questionnaires that ask 4 relatively simple questions. The easiest way to respond is by clicking on this link:

Alternatively, hard copies can be picked up from Saline Golf Club, Steelend Club and the Church.

Traffic Issues

Potholes and Flooding: Fife Council has been contacted about the complaints raised at last month's meeting but have yet to respond.

West Road patching: A number of people have complained about the closure of the road and local people being advised to use Loch Road as an alternative. While this was inconvenient due to the poor surface, it met its purpose and it was found sensible for Fife Council to not direct through traffic along this street.

Better News: Ann Hatton, Secretary of Saline Golf Club, was pleased to report that the dropped kerb to improve access to the club by wheelchair users has been completed and it was noted that the disintegrating pavement on Oaklea is being resurfaced, again in response to difficulties for wheelchair users. Thanks are due to Transportation for taking these requests on board.

Editor's Note

The Editor reserves the right to refuse, edit or factually correct all items submitted for publication. All views expressed in this Bulletin are purely those of the author of the item concerned and are not necessarily those of the Editor or of the Communications Group as a whole.

Saline Community Centre

There was lively discussion on this. The consultant has provided an initial report and has identified a shortfall in income against expenditure based on current usage. However, possible funding sources were also identified. While these would be limited to the early years, it would create some breathing space within which a fully viable centre could be created and maintained in the longer term. Most felt that it was essential that a manager be appointed to ensure that the community centre thrives once initial grants are finished.

The next stage will be to consult via the Action Plan Review and to listen to all ideas on how the centre can be better used and how it can be developed as a vibrant community hub. It will also be important to consider the important contributions made by Saline Church, Saline Golf Club and Steelend Club.

Gill Curwen, a new resident in the Allanwater development, described her involvement in developing Menstrie Community Centre when Clackmannan Council wished to close all community centres. Gill brings valuable hands-on experience that she is willing to share with us.

An important question to everyone is what would the community be like if the community centre closes, which must be accepted as a possibility? The lesson from other communities similar to Saline and Steelend is that a determined community can work wonders.

Leaf Clearance and Street Cleaning

The loss of Allan Pettigrew continues to frustrate residents who have noticed a deterioration in street cleaning, litter bins not being emptied and leaves on some footpaths creating a slipping hazard. This matter will be raised with our councillors.

Main Street Gap Site

Fife Council has still to confirm the future of the site. While it is accepted that it is likely that the site will be sold off for housing, it is felt that any development should be for a use that meets a local need, such as elderly people's homes, and that a school garden should be incorporated into the site

Fireworks Night

Feedback seems to show that people enjoyed the evening, not least thanks to the atmosphere in the golf clubhouse. Someone had remarked that it was much better than event she had attended in a “bigger” town.

The draw for the raffle was held in the golf club on 15 November and seventeen prizes were awarded. The first prize of £100 was won by Jacqui Kennedy, and Kinneddar Park was lucky again when Danni Gordon won the second prize of £50. Donald Ross won the £25 third prize.

Thanks are due to everyone who bought tickets, those who sold them and those who provided donations

Date of Next Meeting

Tuesday 28 January 2020 at 7.30pm in Saline Community Centre. All welcome. Please note that there is no meeting in December.


Fife Adult Support and Protection Committee have created the Staying Safe and Keeping Well - Surviving Christmas and New Year information for 2019. Sometimes people find that the Christmas and New Year period is really hard. Everyone else seems to be having a great time but you're feeling worried or finding it hard to cope. It can be difficult to deal with extra stress and keep yourself well when other people are drinking and having parties.

Often the places where you get support at other times of the year have closed for the holidays, so other sources of support that may be available have been included. Ideas that help you find the sort of support that will work for you - which can be being with other people or keeping away from some of them – have also been included.

The information comes as a 36-page A5 booklet, or as a wallet sized foldout. Copies can be found at Saline Golf Club, Saline Church Hall, Saline Community Centre, the shop and Steelend Club, and online via the 'Surviving Christmas' link, above. 

[If you can’t find any of these, please contact the Editor at] 


You are reminded that you can take part in Fife Council's discussion on the future of play spaces until 10 December. Please take the opportunity to comment to ensure that our children get the best possible play areas. The following notes were published in the Bulletin earlier this year to remind you of what is up for discussion: Play spaces include equipped play parks, greenspaces with play spaces such as slopes for sliding or logs for climbing on, and greenspaces for playing in such as parks and woods. The council is looking at the future of its play spaces. The council needs a long-term plan as most play equipment will be at the end of its safe use in the next year while many parks can only be used by pre-school children. The council has a draft Play Spaces strategy to address these challenges that can be downloaded from Fife Council's play parks webpage

If the council approves the strategy it will:

• be used to secure funding for upgrading play parks

• ensure that play parks have a range of equipment that can be used by children of all ages

• transform many greenspaces into play spaces

After the Let's Talk discussion, a report will be compiled to aid councillors on approving the strategy.

An event to discuss proposals for the West Fife Villages will be held on 4 December between 6.30 and 8.30pm in Valleyfield Community Centre.


I’m sure I’m not the only one who is finding it hard to believe that Christmas is only a few weeks away. Perhaps the year has passed so quickly because the seasons blended into one cool, wet and windy interlude between this winter and the last. Few opportunities to sit in warm sunshine or to enjoy the tranquillity of an Indian summer. However, the long evenings in front of the fire have provided an opportunity to reflect on what we as a community have achieved over the last twelve months.

After several years of trying to secure funding for an update of the 2011 Community Action Plan, the Coalfields Regeneration Trust came forward to provide the resources that are needed carry out the exercise. The Steering Group has made good progress and an event early in the New Year will provide an opportunity for everyone in Saline and Steelend to contribute their views. Meanwhile, the work already completed has been extremely valuable in demonstrating just how many of the issues identified in the original plan have been addressed and the wide range of groups and individuals involved in achieving this.

One priority was to keep people better informed and it may be hard to believe that you are reading the eighty-second edition of the Community Bulletin that started more than eight years ago as a single sheet of A4 paper folded in half. We have a lot to thank Mark Baugh, Jacquie Clapperton, Fiona Aitken and Ian Holmes-Lewis, the ‘Comms Group’, for. And we also have the villages’ website and the Facebook page to which an increasing number of people turn to learn what is going on an hour by hour basis. Affordable housing was also a priority and this year we have welcomed 55 new families into Rev Downie Wynd with a further seventeen Council homes in the Allanwater development. We also extend a warm welcome to those moving into the new homes on the Allanwater site. Sadly, they are moving into a community with inadequate infrastructure. However, the planned pharmacy in the Community Centre will begin to address the need for local health facilities and several people have come forward to champion the development of the existing facility as a health and well-being hub serving all sections of the community. Recently several people have shown interest in acquiring the shop on Main Street and running it as a community enterprise, and the possibility of bringing a franchised post office back to the village is being spoken about.

We are also lucky to have kept our Primary School. Now, with the influx of new families into the village, its future is more secure, and we can perhaps look forward to reaching the magic figure that will require a non-teaching head and an end to combined classes. Meanwhile we continue to support initiatives that will give children access to green space and outdoor learning.  Acquiring the vacant site on Main Street and an outdoor classroom down at the community orchard remain priorities, and perhaps a ‘biodiversity laboratory’ in Blair House woodland!

We are fortunate to have the Church, Golf Club and Miners’ Club, all of which have worked hard to extend the opportunities to socialise with a wide range of activities and events. And for the younger members of our community, our Brownies, Scouts, Cubs and Beavers are flourishing.

The Heritage Society, led by Linda Moyes, Tina Chapman and Barry Doyle, has put considerable effort into promoting and celebrating the history and archaeology of the area and into creating trails out into the surrounding countryside. Their work has been complemented by the projects that Donald Murdoch continues to promote which will create safe walking and cycling routes down into Oakley, and into the planned woodland on the former Blair House open cast site. This year has also seen the completion of two new play parks, one on North Road, Saline, promoted by young parents led by Nicola Smith, and the other at Steelend. Local artists Liz Harvey and Marylla Fergusson, with help from Clare Hibbert and Gareth Turner, must be congratulated for their Friends and Neighbours initiative which reached its conclusion this autumn with the placing of commemorative seats around the villages. Over the previous three years, hundreds of children, their parents and other adults participated in events to make the decorated tiles that form the mosaics at the Glen entrance and at Steelend, the lantern making and torchlight processions along Main Street, and last, but not least, the weaving of the willow Shire horse. We have also seen the reintroduction of an annual firework display.

I extend my thanks to my fellow Community Councillors, to those who regularly attend the monthly meeting, and to our elected members Cllrs Kate Stewart, Bobby Clelland and Mino Manekshaw for their support. Also, to those not named above who have helped make these projects a success.

Finally, I wish you all a peaceful and enjoyable time over the festive period.

David Chisholm 
Chair, Saline and Steelend Community Council 


This is an organisation set up to help disabled people. Their newsletter can be found via the link above (Self-Directed Support Options) and includes an article on the Disabled Housing Service and useful information on events, training and job vacancies.


Police Scotland are warning of people receiving what appear to be genuine messages from friends and family members via their Facebook account. The messages advise you to pay an administration fee to get lottery “winnings”. If you receive a message like this, get in touch with your family or friends, but NOT by using social media. Check your privacy settings on social media. Hide your friends list and keep your photos private. For further advice on Scammers go to the Police Scotland website or


At the end of November, the Beaver Colony attended the Annual District Beaver Christmas Party in the Abbeyview Community Centre, where a good time was had by all. Recently some seven new Beavers were invested into the Beaver Colony and so joined the world-wide family of Scouting.

For their Christmas Outing the Cub Pack are going to Jump-N-Joy in Alloa on Thursday 12 December. The Scouts and Explorers are going Ten Pin Bowling, also on Thursday 12 December, for their Christmas Outing.

There will be no meetings in Carnock Community Centre on Thursday 12 December as the hall will be in use as the Polling Station.

This year there will be no joint District Carol Service due to poor attendance in the past.

The Christmas Outings for both the Cubs and Scouts will be the last meetings for this year. The last meeting for the Beaver Colony will be in the Community Centre on Friday 13 December. Meetings will resume in the New Year on Thursday 9 January for Cubs, Scouts and Explorers and on Friday 10 for Beavers all at the usual times.

Please remember that the last date for collection of the Scout Post is Tuesday 10 December at 5 pm. It is anticipated that deliveries will commence on Saturday 14.

Have a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year.

Peter Philp, Group Scout Leader 
01383 852612 
116th Fife Scout Group 
Registered Charity Number SC031132 


Friday 6 December - P1-3 Nativity dress rehearsal for the school

Monday 9 December - P1-3 Nativity Performance, 1.30pm. Contact office for tickets.

Tuesday 10 December - Whole school visit to the Alhambra Theatre to see Aladdin

Wednesday 11 December - P1-P3 Nativity Performance, 09.30am. Contact office for tickets.

School Christmas Lunch

Thursday 12 December - Nursery party

Friday 13 December - Christmas Jumper Day

Parent Council Christmas Bazaar, 3pm -7pm

Wednesday 18 December - P1-3 Parties 

Thursday 19 December - P5-7 Parties

Friday 20 December - Church Service, 9.30am. All welcome. 


Sunday Services will continue as usual at 9.30am during December and January.

The joint service with the congregation of Tulliallan and Kincardine to say farewell to the Reverend Ronald Matandakufa and his family was well attended and a most inspiring event. There was also a good representation of both congregations at the service of Induction of Mr Matandakufa into the charge of The Kirk of the Holy Rood, Grangemouth, on Thursday 21 November. We have greatly enjoyed his ministry here in Saline and wish him and his family God’s Blessing in this new part of their journey.

The Wednesday Coffee Morning will continue as usual during December and January apart from Wednesday 25 December and Wednesday 1 January. The Church Guild are meeting for a meal together on Monday 9 December and will resume regular meetings on Monday 13 January with a Quiz Evening which usually produces more hilarity than knowledge! Please join us at 7.30 pm in the Church Hall.

Christmas Services and Celebrations

Sunday 8 December: Candles and Carols, 6.30 pm, Tulliallan and Kincardine Church (a time to remember family and friends no longer with us)

Sunday 15 December: 2.30pm, Family Party, Church Hall

Wednesday 18 December: 6.00pm, Carols for all the family, followed by mince pies and mulled wine (and soft drinks), Saline Golf Club

Friday 20 December: Saline Primary School Christmas Service, Saline Church.

Tuesday 24 December: 6.30pm, Family Christmas Eve Service, Saline Church 
11.30pm, Watchnight Service (carols from 11.15pm), Saline Church

Wednesday 25 December: 10.00am, Family Service for Christmas Day, Saline Church

A warm welcome is extended to all to join in these celebrations, particularly to those recently come to the villages.


Advice from Police Scotland and Government websites

Bad weather is often blamed for causing accidents; however, the real cause is often inappropriate driving for the conditions that exist. Given that there have been a number of accidents on the rural roads around Saline and Steelend recently, please keep yourselves and your passengers safe.

In wet weather, stopping distances will be at least double those required for stopping on dry roads. Aquaplaning can be a frightening experience; this is where a wedge of water builds up between the front tyres and the road surface. If this happens, the safest solution is to remove pressure from the accelerator, allowing the vehicle to lose speed which will help the tyres regain their grip.

Ice and snow can increase stopping distance by up to ten times so keep well back from the vehicle in front. Anticipate when you will need to be stopping and be alert to other road users. When the roads are icy, drive at a slow speed in as high a gear as possible; accelerate and brake very gently.

Driving in fog drastically reduces visibility so it is important to make your presence aware to other road users. Use dipped headlights if driving in light fog and use fog lights if driving in thick fog. Fog lights must only be used if visibility is less than 100 metres and must be switched off if visibility improves.

Remember that the National Speed Limit is actually 60mph on single carriageway roads and 70mph only on dual carriageways and motorways; this is lowered to 50mph and 60mph when towing a trailer or caravan. In restricted areas, the National Speed Limit is 30mph unless signage says otherwise; restricted areas are identified by street lighting. If you come across street lighting where there is no speed signage, the NSL is automatically 30mph (eg Kinneddar Park). All NSL roads around Saline and Steelend are 60mph maximum until you get to the motorways!

Pedestrians should wear suitable clothes and footwear. Consider wearing high-visibility or light colours in order to be more easily seen in the dark; these are more easily seen in car headlights than carrying a torch or other light. If walking a dog, there are many flashing or fluorescent accessories to protect both yourself and your dog. High-visibility vests for both humans and dogs are cheap and easily available.


Recent mentions of mate crime and cuckooing in the media has prompted the Adult Support and Protection Committee to create a new easy-read resource to prompt discussion of these difficult subjects with people with a learning disability who are often targets of this criminal behaviour [as well as elderly and other vulnerable people]. The booklet Mate Crime and Cuckooing deals with issues around ‘fake friends’ – being befriended by someone who wants to take advantage of you. Cuckooing is the term for a fake friend taking over your house for criminal purposes. To request copies, email or call 03451 555555 extension 442134.

Season's Greetings

Betty and Graham Thomson 
send all our neighbours and friends 
best wishes for 
Christmas and New Year 


Saline Golf Club
We have free Wi-Fi and BT Sports.
Food available throughout the year:

  Monday: Closed
  Tuesday: 11.00am-2.30pm
  Wednesday: 11.00am-2.30pm
  Thursday: 11.00am-8.00pm
  Friday: 11.00am-2.30pm
  Saturday: 10.00am-2.30pm
  Sunday: 12.00noon-4.00pm

Golf Memberships available.
Junior Golf Membership only £10 per year.
Social Membership only £12 per year.

Bingo every Monday, 7.30pm start.
Quiz night every Thursday at 8.30pm. £1 entry.
Seniors Christmas Party 6 December 7.00pm.
Monthly Saturday Quiz 14 December, 8.30 pm. New teams welcome.
Christmas Carols and Mince Pies 18 December, 6.00-7.30 pm. All Welcome.
Christmas Quiz bring a contribution of festive goodies to share, 19 December.
Children’s Christmas Party 22 December, 2.30-4.30 pm.
Weekly Quiz Friday 27 December, 8.30pm.
Weekly Quiz Friday 3, 8.30pm.

Steelend Miners Club

Children's Christmas Party, Sunday 8 December, 1.30pm.

Senior Citizens’ Christmas Party, Friday 13 December, 6.30pm.

Hogmanay Party, Tuesday 31 December, 8.00pm. Bring in the New Year dancing to Suited and Booted. 

Brownies - Every Thursday 6.30pm-8.00pm - Saline Church Hall

116th Fife Scout Group

Beaver Colony
Every Friday, 6.00pm-7.30pm Cub Pack 
Every Thursday, 6.30pm-8.00pm
Scout Troop
Every Thursday, 7.30pm-9.00pm
Explorer Unit
Every Thursday, 7.30pm-9.00pm
Carnock Community Centre, Camps Road, Carnock. Open to both boys & girls

Highland Dancing Classes
Tuesdays 4.00pm-5.00pm, Thursdays 6.30pm-8.00pm. Tel Betty on 852610

Sambangra Drumming Group - Tuesdays, 7.00pm-8.30pm, £2 - Steelend Club

Beginner Hatha Yoga
Tuesdays, 7.30pm
£30/6 sessions or £6 per class drop-in.
Saline Community Centre
Although most equipment such as blocks, bricks and belts are provided, please bring a yoga mat.

Circuit Training
Thursdays, 7.00pm-8.00pm, £5.
Saline Community Centre

Shieldbank Coffee Shop
North Road, Saline, Fife, KY12 9LN
Open Tuesdays-Sundays from 9.30am-6.00pm.
Craft Group, Thursdays, 10.00am-12.00noon.
Photography Group, Fridays, 7.30-9.00pm.
Tel: 07792 759583

Shieldbank Riding & Vaulting Club
North Road, Saline, Fife, KY12 9LN
Everyone welcome (4 yrs plus) for learning to ride horses and ponies. Regular lessons plus special day courses in the holidays. Equestrian Vaulting lessons for 5-18 yr olds.
Please call to book: 01383 852874

Adult Badminton
Mondays 7.45pm
Wednesday 1.30pm and 7.45pm
Saline Community Centre. T: 852610

Craft and Chatter
Thursdays 10.00am-12.00noon
Last Friday of month 7.00pm-9.00pm
Shieldbank Coffee Shop

Saline & Blairingone Parish Church
Afternoon Craft Group
Every second Tuesday. Everyone is invited to join with any sewing, knitting or craft - and enjoy the blether! 2pm-4pm, Saline Church Hall.

Saline & Blairingone Parish Church
Sunday 8 December: Candles and Carols, 6.30 pm, Tulliallan and Kincardine Church (a time to remember family and friends no longer with us)

Sunday 15 December: 2.30pm, Family Party, Church Hall

Wednesday 18 December: 6.00pm, Carols for all the family, followed by mince pies and mulled wine (and soft drinks), Saline Golf Club

Friday 20 December: Saline Primary School Christmas Service, Saline Church.

Tuesday 24 December: 6.30pm, Family Christmas Eve Service, Saline Church

11.30pm, Watchnight Service (carols from 11.15pm), Saline Church

Wednesday 25 December: 10.00am, Family Service for Christmas Day, Saline Church

Saline Environment and Horticultural Groups
Wreath and Decoration Making Event
Friday December 6 at Saline Community Centre from 3.00pm until 9.00pm.

Stargazing for Beginners
Meet at the Church Hall at 7.15pm on Saturday 14 December. Weather permitting, we will be going outside so wrap up warmly. Soup and refreshments will be provided.
Limited numbers so to secure your place, contact Clare on 07913 254456. If there are too many people, we will host a further session in January.
Children are welcome. Under 16s must be accompanied by an adult.
Entry to this event is FREE; we will be asking for donations to cover our costs.
Organised by the Saline Environment Group

Saline Primary School
Friday 6 December
P1-3 Nativity dress rehearsal for the school
Monday 9 December
P1-3 Nativity Performance, 1.30pm. Contact office for tickets.
Tuesday 10 December
Whole school visit to the Alhambra Theatre to see Aladdin
Wednesday 11 December
P1-P3 Nativity Performance, 09.30am. Contact office for tickets.
School Christmas Lunch
Thursday 12 December
Nursery party
Friday 13 December
Christmas Jumper Day
Parent Council Christmas Bazaar, 3pm -7pm
Wednesday 18 December
P1-3 Parties
Thursday 19 December
P5-7 Parties
Friday 20 December
Church Service, 9.30am. All welcome.

Season's Greetings

The Editor, contributors and distributors of the Saline & Steelend Monthly Bulletin would like to wish everyone a joyful holiday season, however you celebrate, and a very happy New Year.

                 This Community Bulletin is produced by Saline and Steelend Communications Group