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Issue 68 June/July 2018

posted 4 Jun 2018, 15:26 by Ian Holmes-Lewis   [ updated 6 Aug 2018, 15:06 ]


We rounded off the year with our well attended AGM and a very interesting talk on the history of Bandrum from our Chairperson, Barry Doyle. At last the summer weather is here and we are hoping that it stays that way for the opening of our museum on Sunday 10 June 10.30am–1.00pm. The theme is Schools in the District so do pop in and relive your school days. As well as every Sunday, the museum will be open on Tuesday evenings, 6.00pm-8.00pm and Wednesdays 10.00am–1.00pm, coinciding with the Church coffee mornings. Entrance is free.

We are also taking part in West Fife Doors Open Day, along with the Church on Sunday 16 September - more details nearer the time. Do you remember about three years ago when we had our very own Time Team taking part in an excavation looking for the original church in the old graveyard? Well, we are meeting up with another group of archaeologists quite soon to see if we can take it a step further so watch this space. Somehow, sometime, we will find that 13th Century Church!


Fife Health and Social Care Partnership in conjunction with See Me are holding a Walk a Mile event at 2.00pm on Friday June 15 2018 in Silverburn Park and Stratheden Hospital grounds.

Walk a Mile brings people together to speak about mental health and ‘walk a mile in each other’s shoes’. There are no uniforms, no barriers and everyone is on a level playing field; it’s about breaking down stigma and seeing how fabulous people are.

If anyone wants to join us to walk and talk they can register by signing up for a free ticket online (no need to print the ticket)  at .


The Fife Cycle Park was opened recently by record-breaking long-distance cyclist Mark Beaumont and Provost of Fife Jim Leishman. The Cycle Park is next to Lochgelly High School.

Funded by Fife Council, sportscotland and the Scottish Government, the purpose-built cycle park is set to put Fife at the forefront of Scottish cycling and further bolster the Kingdom’s position as the number one destination in Scotland for outdoor activities.

Fife Cycle Park is an outdoor floodlit cycle facility that allows for a full range of cycling activities to take place in a traffic-free environment all year round. It is 1.6km in length but offers various circuit layout options within this. Customers are able to choose from a variety of circuit configurations and several groups or sessions can use the facility at the same time.

The Cycle Park team are developing a very inclusive programme which will offer opportunities for everyone to have the chance to be physically active on a bike.

A dedicated skills loop has also been created by contractor The Purvis Group and gifted to the park. The Robert Purvis Play Zone is a specially designed mini road consisting of three intertwined loops for young children to play on. It is ideally suited for balance bikes, the first stages of learning to ride a pedal bike, and scooters.

Disabled parking is available in front of the club house. The club house is fully accessible and has a Changing Places disabled toilet.


The Beaver Colony has planted up their garden plot at Carnock and are now busy watering and tending the plants. Last week saw the Beavers pond dipping in Carnock Burn, needless to say no sharks caught, only a few water bugs. The trip to the Museum of Scotland is scheduled for Sunday 10 June and we are hoping for good weather.

The Cub Pack has been very busy this month, the big event being the two-night District Cub Camp at Nineacres Campsite at the Crook of Devon, based on an Olympic theme. Despite it raining overnight on both nights, a good time was had by all twelve Cubs and three Leaders who attended from this Group. At the last count, 105 Cubs plus their Leaders attended from all over Dunfermline District. The camp was followed by a walk over Saline Hill on a Thursday evening; our thanks to Kay and David Chisholm for allowing us to start and finish at Steelend Farm.

The main event for the Scout Troop this month was the annual District Camping Competition, the Gibb Bugle. This event was poorly attended by the Groups in the District, seven choosing not to attend. Our young team did very well, gaining valuable experience but only managing to come fourth. The next major event for the Scouts will be the Satellite Camp at Blair Atholl in July.

Meanwhile, the Explorer Unit has continued with badge work, gaining the Air and Emergency Aid activity badges.

The Leaders are now preparing for the Group AGM on Thursday 21 June at 7.30pm in Carnock Community Centre. Vacancies within the Group are Group Secretary and two uniformed Leaders for the Beaver Colony. This will be the last meeting before the summer holidays. Hot Dogs and juice will served to the youth members during the AGM. Meetings will resume on Thursday/ Friday 16/17 August 2018.

Peter Philp
Group Scout Leader
01383 852612
116th Fife Scout Group
Registered Charity Number SC031132


There will be a family BBQ at Steelend Club on Sunday 10 June 2.00-4.00pm. Tickets are £3 for adults and £2 for children.  Everyone is welcome. Come along and enjoy a burger or hotdog.

Steelend Gala this year will be on Saturday 4 August. 

The names for the Gala party were drawn at the prize bingo on Wednesday 30 May and are as follows:

Gala Queen - Talia Davies, Steelend  
Princess - Evie Gunn, Saline 
Page Boy - Stefan Davies, Carnock

This is a great family day so please come along.


Several years ago it was becoming clear that a significant amount of refurbishment work on Saline Church was becoming necessary. The scale of essential work was identified by a condition survey which we commissioned early in 2017. By then, sufficient funds had been raised by the congregation with support from the community to enable us to seek funding from grant-providing bodies. In late 2017 we were awarded a maximum grant from the Heritage Lottery Fund (HLF) Grants for Places of Worship Scotland programme: initially £27,300 for the development phase and then, subject to satisfactory completion of that, a further £222,700 for the delivery phase in which the actual restoration work will be done. 

To meet HLF conditions, the project includes heritage-related activities, perhaps the most significant being alterations to the church interior to provide the Heritage Society with a better museum space and storage. The development phase includes design of these changes and investigations to provide information to enable comprehensive specification of the restoration work needed to ensure the building fabric will be in a sound condition for generations to come. (The last major refurbishment was in 1905, almost 100 years after the Church was built.)

The biggest single item of restoration work will be removal of the cement render and replacement by a coating, probably a lime-based harl similar to the original, and more sympathetic both functionally and aesthetically. The current render is rather ugly, and, because it does not allow the sandstone walls to breathe, has caused chronic dampness of the stonework, leading to rot in timbers.

We are well into the development phase now, and many of the planned, intrusive examinations of interior and exterior features have been completed. The more visually apparent findings include discovery of a badly rotted roof truss end (necessitating installation of an engineered temporary support pending eventual repair in the delivery phase) and the full extent of historic cracks in the gables that, we have been advised, will need ties. The development phase will culminate with production of drawings and specifications defining the work to be done, followed by obtaining competitive tenders, providing a firm costing basis for the delivery phase. This will be a major input to our second round submission to HLF, with a deadline in late November 2018. Provided that is successful, HLF will give us permission to start the delivery phase and begin release of the grant for that. 

As the projected costs (which we have to work with until the firmer tender-based costs are known) somewhat exceed the HLF grant and congregation’s fund raising, we have been seeking additional grant funding. This continues, but we are grateful to the following bodies who have already awarded or pledged grants:

   • Scotland’s Churches Trust
   • The Baird Trust
   • The Ferguson Bequest
   • Garfield Weston Foundation
   • Allchurches Trust Limited

We see the restoration as important to sustain the future of the building not least because it includes the 1970-built hall which is an important amenity for congregation and community activities. However, we have aspirations beyond the restoration to make the church interior more attractive and flexible, suitable for a greater range of community uses.  

Thank You!

The Saline and Steelend Bulletin would like to thank

   o The Horticultural Society

   o Saline & Blairingone Church

   o Stewart & Jocelyn Miller

for their donations towards The Bulletin Community Appeal.

We appreciate you!



Thank you to everyone who generously supported the recent fundraising events for Christian Aid on 16 May and the Church Restoration Fund on 26 May – the final totals raised will be advertised when available.

Sunday Club

The Sunday Club session ends on Sunday 17 June when the children will receive books at the Morning Service. All are invited to join the Family Barbecue after the service. During the summer months children will always be welcome on a Sunday morning and provision will be made for them during the service.

Holy Communion

The service (9.30 am) on 24 June will include a celebration of Holy Communion.

Open Church

From 10 June to 16 September, the Church will be open for visitors on Sunday mornings (10.30am-12.30pm), Tuesday evenings (6.00 pm–8.00pm), and Wednesday mornings (10.00am – 12 noon).  

Coffee Mornings

The Wednesday Coffee Mornings (10.00-12 noon) continue each week as usual.

Walking Group

The Walking Group also continue their fortnightly programme.  The next walk is planned for 2 June. (Details can be found on the Church website.) 

All are welcome to join in any of these activities.


Unfortunately, it was not possible to publish the report on April's Community Council meeting in the last Bulletin. This article therefore covers the April and May meetings. 


There was a reasonable attendance at April's meeting despite more freezing weather.
In opening the meeting, David Chisholm remarked on the school's successful Saline's Got Talent event and those who had attended praised the children's contributions. The school's increased contribution to community life was also welcomed.

The main focus of the meeting was traffic problems on Main Street.

Community Champion

It had been hoped that the Dunfermline Press would accept our nomination of the Playpark Group for their sterling work in raising funds to improve facilities for children. Unfortunately their work didn’t fit any of the categories. 

Playpark Group

The much-needed drainage works were due to start on 23 April but there was no sign of the contractor. Nevertheless, the project is anticipated to be completed on schedule.

Steelend Park

Steelend Residents Association has agreed to take forward improvements to the children's play area and are investigating funding opportunities with help from Cllr Helen Law. The proposals are for the works shown in the community consultations. Good luck to the Association and please contribute to fund-raising activities.

Community Action Plan and Community Centre

There is nothing to report but the key factor is prospective funders' requirement of an updated Community Action Plan. There was concern from some at the meeting over the suggestion mentioned previously about redevelopment of the Community Centre site. For the avoidance of doubt, the Community Council recognises that a community centre is an essential part of an expanding community. However, while Fife Council continue to meet the costs of keeping the centre open for the time being, there is no guarantee that they will do so in perpetuity.

Traffic and Road Safety 

Another vehicle has gone off at the bends on the West Road, this time apparently with injuries that might focus minds. The good news is that Fife Council intends to resurface the bends in question. 

Saline Smilers

There is now a possibility of the group being accommodated in the school. As mentioned in previous Bulletins, this group offers a great opportunity for mums and toddlers, particularly new residents, to make new friends. Once again, if you are interested in attending or helping out, please contact Nicola Smith at

Fireworks Night

Fife Council has been consulted and an application to stage an event at Saline Golf Club is being prepared. A group to arrange the event and raise funds is being formed. If you are interested in being part or helping out, please contact Laura Chesby at or via the Saline Facebook page.
Those lucky enough to attend Drew McCulloch's entertainment night in Saline Golf Club will testify to a great experience. Drew has offered to provide entertainment after the display and might be introducing some new music, including one on our community. 

While people like Drew and volunteers are giving their services free, money requires to be raised for the display. Please contribute to events and raffles so that a successful event can be organised and that future events can be organised with confidence.

Community Resilience

Progress has been made regarding a group to co-ordinate a community response to events like events like the “Beast from the East” and more information will be available in future Bulletins. In the meantime, one of Fife Council's Resilience Team will be attending a Community Council meeting. The Emergency Resilience Newsletter will be available shortly on the Saline and Steelend, and West Fife Villages web sites. The newsletter describes some community action throughout Fife and gives some useful tips. Anyone without web access can contact Emma Palmer on 03451 555555 extension 442373.

Blair House Legacy Fund 

Saline and Steelend's share of the Blair House Trust's remaining funds will be used to support activities in the community. These funds are limited and it is vital to use them wisely. Priority will be given to applications that give best benefits to the whole community, can be used as match funding, or those that cannot raise funds by other means. Details on how to apply are being prepared. 

Blair House Site Restoration

David Chisholm, Donald Murdoch and two Kinneddar Park residents attended a meeting with our three councillors, Oakley and Comrie Community Council, Fife Council and the Scottish Mines Restoration Trust to agree how best to involve the communities in the after use of the site. A small committee will be formed to ensure that communities are fully involved.

Robin Caldow updated on progress following the recent consultations. Revised plans have been prepared and will be displayed shortly. The main changes are a reduction in the height of the bund south of Cowstrandburn and amendments to the large pond. 

The bond secured by Fife Council is £3.1m, which sounds a lot, but restoration to the original plans has now been estimated at over £9m. Consequently, SMRT's focus is to get the site to a safe condition where it can be transferred to an owner who will work with the communities to develop a local resource. It is likely that this will be Forest Enterprise Scotland.

Kinneddar Park residents raised the position regarding a memorial to the men who died in the Kinneddar Colliery fire. This will be incorporated into the development of the site following the reinstatement works. There will be further discussion on the questions on car parking raised during the consultations.

Main Street Parking and Road Corridor

The problems of congestion and road safety around the Saline shop have been raised by many residents and suggestions had been made for improvements. Problems around the school are also well known while West Road complaints continue. It was felt that the possibility of carrying out an exercise to prepare a co-ordinated approach to the road corridor through Steelend and Saline should be investigated. 

There was support for improved parking at the bus turning circle and David Chisholm has prepared sketches for a proposal to provide a green space for the school in the field to the west that would provide additional parking and an improved pedestrian access to the school. This would require the co-operation of the field's owners.

West Fife Villages Community Councils Forum

The Forum was originally formed in the 1980s as part of an initiative between the then authorities and the Scottish Development Agency to address issues arising from the decline in the local mining industry. As part of this, several projects were carried out in Saline and Steelend.

The original intention was that community councils would co-operate on issues that affected all West Fife villages but over a number of years this focus was lost, along with the effectiveness of the Forum. The situation has now been reached that the current membership is considering winding up the group. However, there is a need for a collective approach to the West Fife Villages to enable our voices to be heard and to press for much-needed change. Our three councillors are united with several communities who feel that a Forum should continue. Nevertheless, the format needs to be changed and the Forum should have a focus on clearly defined priorities. In particular, councillors and our own community council feel that participation should not be restricted to community councils and that others should be encouraged to participate. There is a specific desire to involve more young people.

Editor's Note

The Editor reserves the right to refuse, edit or factually correct all items submitted for publication. All views expressed in this Bulletin are purely those of the author of the item concerned and are not necessarily those of the Editor or of the Communications Group as a whole.


South West Fife Community Plan

Susan Dryburgh, a Local Community Planning Policy Officer with Fife Council, described the work taking place to prepare this plan. 

Fife Council and its partners in the Fife Community Plan have produced a plan called Fair4Fife that brings the key policies of bodies like NHS Fife, Fife College, Police Scotland, the Scottish Fire & Rescue Service and the third sector into a single document to cover the period to 2027. The Plan's key themes are:

  Opportunities for all
  Thriving places
  Inclusive growth and jobs
  Community-led services

In turn, local versions are to be prepared; in our case this is the South West Fife Community Plan. This is currently being consulted on and the partnership is keen that local people should identify the issues important to them, propose actions and prioritise spending. 

Arrangements are being made to display the consultation documents in Saline Golf Club and Steelend Club. 

It is important that this Plan reflects our views, particularly as it should give the justification required by funders for local projects. Please go along and have your say.

The Fife Community Plan can be found on Fife Direct. Here's a link:

North Road Playpark

The drainage works have now been completed and equipment is due to be delivered in June. Once again, we must acknowledge the hard work and popular events that mark this project.

It was noted that Fife Council has allocated £35,000 for maintenance of the Oakley Road/Upper Kinneddar play park. The meeting's view was that this should be used to pump-prime funding to deliver the proposals prepared after the Playpark Group's consultations.

Steelend Playpark

Steelend Residents Association has made progress towards securing the match funding   towards a possible grant from Fife Environment Trust.  

Fireworks Display 

The application for a Fife Council events grant has been submitted but match funding will still need to be raised. As indicated previously, please help with this.

Blair House Restoration 

SEPA has now approved the works that are about to go out to tender. A meeting on 25 June has been arranged and will be reported in the August Bulletin.

Main Street

David Chisholm and Cllr Bobby Clelland had a site meeting with Transportation to discuss the concerns raised at the April meeting. Unfortunately, there appears to be no particular solution that would not create other problems. There is a view that an overall plan for the whole road corridors prepared within the community might be worthwhile. This is an issue that could be raised again through the South West Fife Community Plan consultations.


There will be a total of 12 huts, 2 of these are for local people who live within 5 miles. The planning permission is for three different sizes of hut with the largest being a total floor space of 30 square metres. There will be a final ballot and a management group will be formed to work out the rules, responsibilities of tenants etc. The lease will be for 20 years. 

Those successful in the ballot will be responsible for constructing their own hut and the costs involved with that. Some questions asked about the costs were estimated, for example if you employed an architect and a builder to do the whole thing for you, which may be how some people who live far away might choose to go, was an estimate. However, that is not the ethos of the hutting communities, who are more into self build and working together to help each other, keeping costs to a minimum or hoping to gather free materials to use. The restrictions in the planning permission will play a great part in this.

There will be a school hut to be shared by the local schools, funding would be available for this and it could also double as a community hut for other hutters in the evenings and at weekends. This could be the first one to be constructed by the other hutters led by experienced people from other hutting communities . This would be a way of learning valuable skills and experience. The school hut would be bigger than the others and the site for this will ensure a positive outdoor experience for local children.

There are no hard and fast rules on anything at the moment as it is not at that stage in the process, but the community will be kept up to date with any news.

Hotel Site

Cllr Bobby Clelland has contacted the owners and established that the site will shortly be advertised for sale.

Comrie Colliery Restoration

Cllr Bobby Clelland advised that big changes have been made with a noticeable reduction in the height of the bing. It is understood that the owners are about to submit an application to continue extracting rock, possibly for five to ten years. Bobby has advised officers that, if such an application is approved, royalties to the Comrie Colliery Environmental Trust should continue.

Bus Consultation 

Cllr Mino Manekshaw reported on a bus consultation exercise currently underway and encouraged people to contribute. Please do so if we want to retain a service.

West Fife Villages Community Councils Forum

Cllr Manekshaw reiterated the discussions at the April meeting and encouraged those present to attend the meeting on 31 May.

Part of the discussion on the Community Plan related to how our local priorities would be judged in the context of the wider area. It was suggested that there were many common issues in the West Fife Villages such as access to health and bus services where it would be better to speak with a common ward voice. The Forum was originally formed to do this and it is hoped that a modified forum would focus on mutual interest. Importantly, it is also felt that participation should be open to others.

Progress will be reported in the next Bulletin

Community Council Elections

Fife Council has advised that, if an election is necessary, polling will be on Thursday 4 October and that nominations will be required to be submitted by Thursday 6 September.
The Community Council currently has vacancies and would benefit from new blood, particularly younger people. Nomination papers are not yet available but, if you are interested or want to discuss matters further, please contact David Chisholm at or Donald Murdoch at 

Saline Shop and Community Centre

Since the last meeting it has been established that the couple who had expressed interest in taking over the shop are not proceeding. The owner, Mr Hussain, has indicated that he is happy to consider the possibility of the community acquiring it. Financial support from the Scottish Government, through the Land Fund, is available for this kind of acquisition. The cost of a 20/25 year lease would be in the order of £35k, in addition to a weekly rent of £225. The freehold might be available for a figure of around £150k. 

A similar community-owned shop and post office in a village of similar size to ours elsewhere in Fife employ one and a half staff a week. On this basis, Saline shop could employ four or five people working part-time to suit their child-care needs or other commitments. Reactions to this idea would be welcomed.

The possibility of community acquisition of the Community Centre has been on hold pending the preparation of a feasibility study to determine its viability. However, someone has come forward with an idea for opening a pharmacy in Saline and has identified the Community Centre as a suitable location. She was present to explain her ideas to the meeting and an enthusiastic and constructive discussion followed. It is not a substitute for having a doctors’ surgery but under recent changes to legislation pharmacists are being encouraged to provide additional services that would eliminate the need to travel to Oakley for every health issue. It would only occupy a very small part of the accommodation and could act as a catalyst for the introduction of other services and activities related to health and well-being and become a community hub similar to the community-owned facility that has been created in Twechar. There was broad support for her initiative which would allow her to proceed with her application to the Health Board.

Since the meeting, Cllr Mino Manekshaw has spoken to relevant officers within Fife Council, who are supportive of the idea, and discussions between the pharmacist and the Council have been opened. It is possible that Council money might be available to improve access.  
At present, the Community Council has only submitted an Expression of Interest in acquiring the building, but Fife Council are suggesting that our Community Development Trust should submit a Stage 2 application. Doing so would prevent others from acquiring it but it does not mean that the Trust is intending to buy it. The viability has still to be established. Trustees will consider this suggestion at their next meeting.

Date of Next Meeting:

Tuesday 26 June at 7.30pm in Saline Community Centre.


Saline Golf Club

We have free Wi-Fi and BT sports. 
Food available Tuesday-Sunday.
Bingo every Tuesday, 7.30pm start. Quiz night every Thursday, £1 entry.
Full Golf Membership £295, Junior Golf Membership £10, Social Membership £10.

Every Thursday 5.00pm-6.00pm
Saline Church Hall

Every Thursday 6.00pm-7.30pm
Saline Church Hall

116th Fife Scout Group
Beaver Colony 
Every Friday, 6.00pm-7.30pm
Cub Pack 
Every Thursday, 6.30pm-8.00pm

Scout Troop 
Every Thursday, 7.30pm-9.00pm

Explorer Unit 
Every Thursday, 7.30pm-9.00pm 

Carnock Community Centre, Camps Road, Carnock. Open to both boys & girls

Highland Dancing Classes 
Tuesdays 4.00pm-5.00pm
Thursdays 6.30pm-8.00pm
Tel Betty on 852610

Adult Badminton
Mondays 7.45pm
Wednesday 1.30pm and 7.30pm
Saline CC T: 852610

Craft and Chatter
Thursdays 10.00am-12.00noon
Last Friday of month 7.00pm-9.00pm
Shieldbank Coffee Shop

Sambangra Drumming Group
Tuesdays, 7.00pm-8.30pm, £2
Steelend Club

Saline & Blairingone Parish Church
Afternoon Craft Group 
Every second Tuesday. Everyone is invited to join with any sewing, knitting or craft - and enjoy the blether! 2pm-4pm, Saline Church Hall.

Shieldbank Riding & Vaulting Club

Telephone: 01383 852874   Website:  Also on Facebook.
Riding lessons for children and adults of all ages and stages.
Vaulting (gymnastics on horseback) instruction for 5-20 year olds.
Everyone welcome.
Just call or email to book.
Summer Program 2018 
 • Pony Days for children
 • Courses for adults
 • Come and have a try at riding or vaulting
 • Introduction to horse care 
 • Rider Gym
 • Preparation for dressage test in August
Everyone is welcome.
To book, please telephone: 01383 852 874
Shieldbank Coffee Shop
Telephone: 01383 852621 Also on Facebook.
Open Tuesdays to Sundays 9.30 am- 6.00 pm.
Craft Group meet here on Thursday mornings 10.00 am until lunchtime. 
New: Group for Amateur Photographers meet on Friday evenings at 7.30 pm.
Shieldbank Photography Exhibition
Saturday 22 and Sunday 23 July  
10.00am till 4.00pm both days. Entry is free.
Shieldbank Riding Centre & Coffee Shop
There will be over 100 photographs on display covering a variety of genres from a number of photographers.
Photographic entries are welcome.

                This Community Bulletin is produced by Saline and Steelend Communications Group