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Issue 66 April 2018

posted 30 Mar 2018, 17:41 by Ian Holmes-Lewis   [ updated 29 Apr 2018, 16:26 ]


This is a message of thanks to the farmers that helped the residents of Kinneddar Park. Without Dougie Templeton and Robbie Stevenson we would have been cut off for weeks. 

Between the two farmers, they cleared the main road down to Oakley and in parts the drifts were over 5ft so no amount of shovelling would have got through that. Dougie Templeton took time to come in to Kinneddar Park to clear the big drifts that had blocked the back of Kinneddar and opened up driveways so that we could get in with shovels, meaning that people who were being told that they must get to work by Sunday could. 

thanks to DAVE BATES for photos of Saline

Kinneddar Park is mainly older residents plus a little boy who may have required emergency care; we wouldn't have been able to get an ambulance in or a car out to meet an ambulance without the farmers. Our sincerest thanks to the farmers for taking time to unblock the roads.


We managed to miss out the date of opening in the print bulletin last month; many apologies from the Editor.

Kirklands Garden will open again on Sunday 20 May 2018 from 2.00pm to 5.00pm. Sixty percent of the entrance fee (£5.00, Children free) will go to Saline Environmental Group who carry out sterling work around Saline and Steelend to improve our local environment. The other 40% goes to Scotland Garden Scheme charities (Maggie’s, Perennial, Qnis, NTS).


Our most recent speaker event on the Pictish and Roman settlements of East Lomond was very well attended and was an excellent talk. It made us think about our own forts - Saline Hill, Craigluscar and the one on the Cults. Were they connected with the one on East Lomond? We may never know but it is something to consider. And did the Romans march near here?

Our next talk, the one before our AGM, is on Wednesday April 18 when the one and only Jim Leishman will be talking about his journey from Ball to Chain. As always, it is 7.00pm for 7.30pm start. Everyone is welcome.

Tina is still looking for information/photos on education and schools for our forthcoming exhibition. Volunteers to help with the rota and any of our projects are always welcome - the pay is poor but the banter and tea/coffee are well worth it.


The next community event will be held on Friday 13 April at 7.30 pm in the Church Hall. This will give everyone an insight into the diverse marine life that is found along the Forth estuary. In addition, the Marine Conservation Society will explain current issues and solutions to some of the environmental concerns that surround all sea life. There will be coffee, tea, soup and cakes. Everyone is welcome. Please come along.

We are also hoping to have a bat evening on Friday May 11. It would start with our speaker giving a preliminary talk about bats in general. From there we would then take a walk around the village to some well-known bat locations and do some monitoring! Stick this date in your diary and we'll have more info on it in the next bulletin. Other projects in the pipeline include a village orchard and restoration of the bog at Steelend. More news on these later.

Editor's note

The Editor reserves the right to refuse, edit or factually correct all items submitted for publication. All views expressed in this Bulletin are purely those of the author of the item concerned and are not necessarily those of the Editor or of the Communications Group as a whole.


There was a decent turn out for the March meeting. In his opening remarks the Chair referred to the passing of two people who had contributed significantly to community life over many years. 

Douglas Aitken had combined his role as a minister with that of a broadcaster with the BBC and a member of Dunfermline District Council, and latterly as a member of the church in Saline. Jim Hensman had served as a Community Councillor for several decades and had been actively involved in the promotion of West Fife through the Community Forum and Planning Group. He had been instrumental in obtaining the funding for the housing study that has brought new affordable homes to the village and in the preparation of our Community Action Plan. His double act with the late John Crane had enriched community life. 

Condolences on behalf of the Community Council had been sent to both Fiona and Liz. David also mentioned Community Councillor Morag Aitken who has been in hospital for four weeks following a fall at home. The meeting wished her a speedy recovery. On a happier note David referred to the recently republished Villages of West Fife guide in which Saline and Steelend feature prominently. It is available as an eBook at

Saline Community Centre and Action Plan

Funding to appoint a consultant to carry out an update of the Action Plan and a feasibility study for the Community Centre was still being sought. Fife Council has asked whether the community is still interested in acquiring the Community Centre and had been told that without a feasibility study it was impossible to say. A number of people have commented that its value is as a potential development site and that the building itself is a liability.

New Housing behind The Glebe

The planning application for five houses behind The Glebe has been granted Conditional approval. Jim Currie and Peter Ball had attended the committee meeting and had been disappointed by the lack of challenge from elected members. They felt that officers from Planning and Transportation had undue influence on the outcome. Jim had had to contact the planning officer to point out that two additional conditions agreed by the committee had not been recorded in the minutes of the meeting. This has since been corrected. 

Concern was also expressed about the article that had appeared in the Dunfermline Press in which the developer was quoted as saying there was overwhelming support for the development. It was noted that the majority of the almost 100 people from the immediate area who had signed the petition were against the scheme. This account led to a discussion about the passage of the Planning Reform Bill through the Parliament. The campaigning group Planning Democracy is encouraging all Community Councils to write to MSPs demanding that they support an amendment to the Bill that will introduce equal rights of appeal against decisions. 

At present, a developer can appeal against a planning decision but not the community. It was felt that in a tiny way the handling of The Glebe application demonstrated why this amendment is necessary to prevent injustices. It was agreed that letters should be sent to our local and regional MSPs. 

Hotel Site 

Jim also gave an update on the mothballed hotel site development. His enquiries had revealed that the developer is struggling on developments elsewhere and it seems unlikely they will return to complete the West Road project. It is possible that the changes to the Land Reform Act currently passing through Parliament could provide the opportunity for communities to acquire unused and derelict land.

North Road Play Area

Nicola Smith reported that an order for the play equipment had been placed and it was hoped that it would be installed in early summer. Work on the drainage repairs and site preparation should start shortly. Jean Morris reported that Steelend residents were happy with the proposals prepared previously for an upgrade of the Steelend play park, subject to the reintroduction of the picnic tables that had been removed a while ago. It was unclear if Steelend residents required the assistance of the Play Parks Group in raising funds for the work. If this was not required, the Group would turn their attentions to the Upper Kinneddar play park.

Saline Smilers Toddlers’ Group

Nicola also reported that discussions were ongoing with the deputy head teacher of the primary school, Alexis Perkins, to see if the toddlers’ group could be accommodated there.

Street Naming

A response is still awaited from Allanwater Homes to the request for a ceremony to celebrate John Crane Close when it is completed.

Community Orchard

The previous meeting had noted the school’s interest in the proposed community orchard on the Forestry Commission land behind the Allanwater development. However, since then Saline Environmental Group have approached the Community Development Trust for assistance in acquiring a lease on the vacant land on Main Street, opposite the shop, for this purpose. Over the years various suggestions have been made for the site including affordable housing, a shop, a car park, and community growing space. However, it was felt that as a ‘meantime’ use, a community orchard could be supported and the school had been asked what they think of the idea.


An application has been made to Fife Council for the necessary permissions for an event on 2 November at the Golf Club. Once a response has been received, a working group will be convened to take the initiative forward.

Saline Shop and Post Office

Since the last meeting, David had had a meeting with the Coop’s property person. Sadly, their criteria for determining whether a store is viable have changed and they now look for a population of around 2500. Even with the new houses, this figure will not be met. However, the Coop representative, who had visited Saline shop, was of the opinion that in right hands it could flourish as an independent store. David had also exchanged emails with Stevie and William who attended the previous meeting and explained their interest in acquiring the shop. He had encouraged them to be modest in their ambitions but had heard nothing more from them for several weeks. However, the current shop owner has confirmed that he still expects them to take over later in the year.

It had also been rumoured that the Post Office is no longer operational. An email has been received from Post Office Ltd confirming this to be the case but confidentiality issues prevented them saying any more about it.

David had also established contact with the Chair of the Trust that has purchased Dunshalt shop and post office with the help of the Scottish Land Fund and is intending to run it as community-owned business. Community purchase of Saline shop could also be an option and details of the Dunshalt financial model will be sought.

Blair House Open Cast Restoration

Communication has been maintained with the Mines Restoration Trust who are reflecting on the comments and suggestions made at the last meeting. In particular, they have noted the concerns about the height of the bing and are considering whether more of it might be removed than originally envisaged. They will provide a further update once the views of Oakley residents have been established. They have also confirmed that a machine is being deployed to clear small trees and scrub to discourage birds from nesting this year as this would delay the restoration programme.

Community Resilience Plan

The comments and suggestions made at the community resilience workshop held in the aftermath of the heavy snow have been typed up and will be distributed shortly. A number of people had put themselves forward to form a small steering group to work with Fife Council’s Emergency Planning Team to devise a Community Resilience Plan. People felt the exercise had been worthwhile and the suggestion that if the situation arises again top priority is given to clearing the road across from Saline across to the M90 was particularly welcome.

Donation from Blair House Trust

Marie Crane reported that the Blair House Trust, for which she acted as Treasurer, has been wound up following the collapse of the company operating the pit. The Trustees had agreed, with the support of the Charities Regulator OSCR, that the residual funds should be divided between the communities of Oakley, and Saline and Steelend. However, it was a stipulation of OSCR that the money has be held by a registered charity and consequently Saline and Steelend’s share of approximately £600 has been paid into a restricted fund in the Community Development Trust’s account, to be allocated to local groups/bodies on the instruction of the Community Council. It was suggested that a small awards committee is established to receive and process requests from individuals and groups who have ideas for small initiatives that will benefit the community.

Golf Club

Ann Hatton described the continuing work at the Golf Club and in particular the enhancement of the putting green area and driving range at the far end of the car park. The work will also involve seating and picnic benches. Funding is still being sought for safety fences.


Cherry Tree Lodge, 12 May, 10.00am

Have some fun and unleash your creativity on a two-day watercolour painting workshop led by local artist Liz Harvey.

Try out new techniques and materials, and explore the possibilities of this exciting medium. 

All are welcome, whether beginners or more experienced artists.

The non-residential fee is £95 and includes tuition, materials, and a delicious and nutritious lunch on both days.

For more information and to book, just call Mark on 01383 851059 or 07940 421038.


Great news! We have just been awarded £1,000 from The Pilot Trust to keep the Saline & Steelend Community Bulletin going for the next twelve months. There is a condition and that is that our community shows a financial commitment too with matched funding.

Would you/your community group/business be willing to make a donation to keep the Saline and Steelend Community Bulletin going for the next twelve months?

Due to the success of the Bulletin, we need to budget to run to twelve pages for each edition.

We have a dedicated team of over fifteen individuals currently involved in getting the bulletin to every household in our community, both online and/or as a paper copy, at a cost of only £190 per month. Launched over six years ago, and this is our 66th edition, it has become a reliable source of local information, activities and events.

Funding bodies will no longer provide on-going financial support for community bulletins such as ours. They are however happy to consider “communications costs” as an entry in a funding application. If you are applying to a funding body for a project, it would be great from the Bulletin point of view if you would include such an entry in your application and let us know.

You can also sign up for the e-bulletin by going to to receive a monthly email link – you get to be one of the first to see the village news!

Please do pass on this appeal to anyone who might be interested in supporting us.

                                Yours in hope

Mark Baugh 
Co-ordinator of the Saline & Steelend Communications Group 
T: 01383 851059 


The Beaver Colony is now almost at its maximum number, though this should ease as some five Beavers are due to move up to the Cub Pack after the summer holiday. The Beavers have now completed their Cook's Badge and after the Easter holiday should be able to make a start on the Gardener Badge.

The Cubs were disappointed that the football match between Dunfermline and Livingston was postponed due to the bad weather. The match has now been rescheduled for 3 April. The last meeting of this term was hectic with the Cubs assembling bird boxes to be placed on the trees near to the hall and in Saline Church grounds.

The Scout Troop had to postpone their March camp due to bad weather and lack of available Leaders. Unfortunately they were unsuccessful in their bid for places at the Satellite Camp at the Blair Atholl Patrol Jamborette. Despite this, they have been offered places with the 40th Fife who have several surplus places, so all who applied should be able to attend. Meanwhile they have continued to work on their awards at the weekly meetings.

The eagerly awaited results of the District Explorer Scout Quiz is now to hand. Despite not winning they managed to reach the final four, a very creditable result. In the past term the Explorers have experienced international cooking and have taken part in a model aeroplane flying contest.

The Group is now enjoying the Easter Holiday especially the Leaders. All meetings will resume at the usual times on Thursday 19 and Friday 20 April when we will be happy to welcome any new members wishing to join us.

Peter Philp 
Group Scout Leader 
01383 852612 
116th Fife Scout Group 
Registered Charity Number SC031132 


Steelend Village Community Association met with an Officer from Fife Council and Cllr Bobby Clelland on Friday 16 March. The Association had agreed to take forward a new plan for the play area and are now applying for funds to improve and update the play park. 

The Steelend play park has been really well used over the years and the local communities are keen to see the broken equipment replaced. Local residents are also keen to see the return of the picnic benches.

Cllr Helen Law
Convener City of Dunfermline Area Committee 


Rigorous fire safety standards will apply to all homes in Scotland after changes are made to the Housing (Scotland) Act. This will ensure homeowners and those who rent from a social or private landlord will benefit from the same level of protection. 

To book a free home fire safety visit call 0800 0731 999 or text ‘FIRE’ to 80800. You can also do it online at:


Bandrum Nursing Home are taking part in this year’s International Care Home Open day on 21 April 2018. This year, the date coincides with the Queen’s real birthday and the theme is linking communities. 

We’ve decided that it’s the perfect time to invite the local community in to join us for a fun afternoon and to celebrate all the wonderful work the staff and the wider community did for us at Bandrum during the treacherous weather recently. We can’t thank everyone enough!

Please come to join us at Brightside Café within the grounds of Bandrum on 21/4/18 from 2pm to 4pm. We will have refreshments and entertainment and really look forward to opening our doors to you all.

Brightside Café hope to announce a new café manager and café assistant in the next bulletin. Once the new café manager is in place, Susan will be concentrating on her new role as manager of Friends Indeed, the charity’s befriending service, but will still be helping out one day a week in the café.

The befriending service has been set up to provide residents at Bandrum Nursing Home who don’t have regular visitors with a friend who makes a point of visiting them, sharing memories, and helping them make social connections. Do you have an hour or so to spare once a week or fortnight? If so, we are currently looking for additional volunteers and we would love you to join us by becoming a befriender. Training and ongoing support will be provided. Email Susan at the address below or pop in to the café where she will be happy to chat with you.

Facebook: Brightside Community Cafe 


Volunteers and members are springing into action for spring! 

There are two main improvement activities underway. The first is the upgrade of the lighting throughout the clubhouse to LED lights which will improve the environment and reduce the electricity bill by up to 50%. Many Thanks go to the Comrie Colliery Environmental Trust and the Fife Council West Fife Ward Budget for supporting our grant application for this project.

The second project underway is the revamp of the practice area. As well as a general tidy up the revamp will include the driving nets, putting green, safety fence and a seating area making a good fun and social space for all ages. We are grateful for the generous support from Allanwater Homes, Boys and Girls Clubs of Scotland, and Scotmid to fund some of these improvements. 

Thanks also to Allanwater Homes for providing new signage for the club.

New Golf and Social members (£10) are always welcome. You can join at any time so please pop in and join us!

Follow us on Facebook at Saline Golf Club Official for the latest information on entertainment, volunteering and golf club updates.


Saturday 7 April: Opening match scramble, Tee-Off at 10.00am. Soup and sandwiches available after the match.

Saturday 7 April: Coffee morning 10.00am-12.00noon. All are welcome.

Friday 13 April: Prize bingo evening, 7.00pm start. £1 per book.

Saturday 14 April: Monthly quiz starts at 8.30pm. Entry £2 per person.

Saturday 28 April: Escapade, an excellent five-piece band. Tickets £5.

Bingo every Tuesday, 7.30pm start.

Quiz night every Thursday, £1 entry.

Saline Golf Club has Free Wi-Fi and BT Sport.

Q’zine catering is available for all functions.

Food available on six days, excluding Mondays.

Full Golf Membership £295, Junior Golf Membership £10, Social Membership £10.

Weekly Heartfulness Meditation
at Cherry Tree Lodge starting Wednesday 11 April at 7.15pm. 

Heartfulness offers a simple and practical approach to meditation and relaxation which is easy to learn and integrate into your daily life. You meditate on your heart. As you tune into your heart through regular meditation, you can find yourself more in touch with your feelings, more compassionate, less judgemental and better able to understand yourself and other people. 

Your intuitive understanding grows so that your decisions can be guided by a deeper sense of what is really right for you and this in turn can bring about greater confidence.

Sessions are free and are open to anyone interested. Any donations received go to support Heartfulness work.

To reserve your place or for more information, just call Mark on 01383 851059 or 07940 421038


Friday 20 April: Family Beetle Drive, 6.30pm in Church Hall.

Monday 16 April: AGM

Monday 30 April: Afternoon outing (to be arranged)

Walking Group
Saturday 21 April: Benarty Hill (from Lochore Meadows)
7 miles and 260m cumulative ascent (intermediate). Depart Saline bus turning circle 9am.

Saturday 5 May: Scenic Road to Balmerino
6 miles and 50m cumulative ascent (easy). Depart Saline bus turning circle 9am.

Contact Peter Philp or Stewart Miller for more details.


Discount Morning

From April 1, every Tuesday between 10.00am and 12.00noon will be DISCOUNT MORNING!

A cup of tea or coffee and any cake will be £2.50.

Floral Tea

On May 1 from 12.00noon till 4.00pm, Shieldbank Coffee Shop will be hosting a celebration of spring by having a flower-themed Afternoon Tea. As well as our normal coffees and teas, there will be flower and fruit teas, flower-themed cakes and the whole coffee shop will be decorated to suit. The cost of an afternoon tea with sandwiches will be £10, but you can just drop in for a coffee and cake as usual.


North Road, Saline. Telephone: 01383 852874
Your local centre for everything to do with horses or ponies.

Learn the traditional way to ride horses or ponies, and/or learn to care for them. Regular lessons from £19 per week. Private or small group lessons are available, as are special Easter Holiday Courses and Pony Days for children.

If you like gymnastics, why not join our equestrian vaulting team and learn to do gymnastics on horseback (Age 5 – 20)?

Everyone is welcome!, email: Also on Facebook. 


The Dogs Trust Freedom Project is a dog fostering service for people who are fleeing domestic abuse in several areas of England, as well as the Central Belt of Scotland. 

People fleeing domestic abuse are usually unable to take their dogs with them into a refuse so in many cases they are reluctant to leave their home until they know there is somewhere safe for their pets.

Dogs Trust offers a solution by placing dogs into the homes of volunteer foster carers for up to six months, until their owners are rehoused and can take them back. Dogs Trust covers all of the dog’s expenses during that time, including food and veterinary costs.

If you would like to refer your dog to our service, or you are interested in becoming a volunteer foster carer, please visit or call us on 0808 169 4315.


The Recovery project is a new model to help older people in Fife who have experienced any form of harm or abuse, which has left them isolated, having lost confidence, or finding it difficult to engage with others. Action on Elder Abuse Scotland are looking for volunteers of all ages to help victims recover and regain independence and control over their lives.

All volunteers will be provided with full training, ongoing support and guidance and expenses. Find out more at

If you are an older person who has recently experienced harm and would like support from the Recovery Project, fill out the Initial Interest Form at Someone else can fill in the form for you.

For further information call Lesley Carcary on: 07496 663 815 or email:


Saline Golf Club: April Events

Saturday 7 April: Opening match scramble, Tee-Off at 10.00am. Soup and sandwiches available after the match.
Saturday 7 April: Coffee morning 10.00am-12.00noon. All are welcome.
Friday 13 April: Prize bingo evening, 7.00pm start. £1 per book.
Saturday 14 April: Monthly quiz starts at 8.30pm. Entry £2 per person.
Saturday 28 April: Escapade, an excellent five-piece band. Tickets £5.
Bingo every Tuesday, 7.30pm start. Quiz night every Thursday, £1 entry.

Saline Golf Club has Free Wi-Fi and BT Sport. 

Q’zine catering is available for all functions. Food available on six days, excluding Mondays.
Full Golf Membership £295, Junior Golf Membership £10, Social Membership £10.

Every Thursday 5.00pm-6.00pm
Saline Church Hall

Every Thursday 6.00pm-7.30pm
Saline Church Hall

116th Fife Scout Group

Beaver Colony
Every Friday, 6.00pm-7.30pm

Cub Pack
Every Thursday, 6.30pm-8.00pm

Scout Troop
Every Thursday, 7.30pm-9.00pm

Explorer Unit
Every Thursday, 7.30pm-9.00pm

Carnock Community Centre, Camps Road, Carnock. Open to both boys & girls

Community Council Meeting

Tuesday 24 April, 7.30pm 
Saline Community Centre 

Highland Dancing Classes
Tuesdays 4.00pm-5.00pm
Thursdays 6.30pm-8.00pm
Tel Betty on 852610

Adult Badminton
Mondays 7.45pm
Wednesday 1.30pm and 7.30pm
Saline CC T: 852610

Craft and Chatter
Thursdays 10.00am-12.00noon
Last Friday of month 7.00pm-9.00pm
Shieldbank Coffee Shop

Saline & Steelend Heritage Society
Wednesday 21 April
Jim Leishman on Ball to Chain
7.00pm for 7.30pm, Saline Church Hall

Sambangra Drumming Group
Tuesdays, 7.00pm-8.30pm, £2
Steelend Club

Afternoon Craft Group
Every second Tuesday. Everyone is invited to join with any sewing, knitting or craft - and enjoy the blether! 2pm-4pm, Saline Church Hall.

Shieldbank Riding & Vaulting Club
Telephone: 01383 852874 Website: Also on Facebook.
Riding lessons for children and adults of all ages and stages.
Vaulting (gymnastics on horseback) instruction for 5-20 year olds.
Everyone welcome.
Just call or email to book.

Shieldbank Coffee Shop
Telephone: 01383 852621 Also on Facebook.
Open Tuesdays to Sundays 9.30 am- 6.00 pm.
Craft Group meet here on Thursday mornings 10.00 am until lunchtime.

New: Group for Amateur Photographers meet on Friday evenings at 7.30 pm.

                This Community Bulletin is produced by Saline and Steelend Communications Group