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Issue 54 February 2017

posted 9 Feb 2017, 19:41 by Ian Holmes-Lewis   [ updated 10 Sep 2017, 11:44 ]


Some of you will remember that during last year the Community Council invited nominations for individuals who had made outstanding contributions to our community, to be put forward for the West Fife Villages Citizen of the Year Award. 

Three nominations were received.  It has taken the WFV Forum some while to finalise the assessment process but we will be passing our nominations to them shortly.

The Forum has also decided to make an award to a Young Citizen of the Year.  The Community Council will be happy to pass on nominations from Saline and Steelend, so if you know of someone under the age of 24 that deserves to be recognised please email their name and a brief explanation of why they deserve the award to 
    or leave a nomination at the Post Office.  Nominations are required by Friday 17 February.

Participatory Budgeting is a Scottish Government-backed initiative to encourage local people to become involved in deciding in how public money is spent.  As an initial step Fife Council have established Forward West Fife as a steering group for the initiative. 

Saline and Steelend are represented on this Steering Group and will be involved in an initial exercise on 4 March at which decisions will be made about how £60k of funding will be distributed to local groups.  The maximum to any one group will be £10k.  Several groups from our area are preparing applications which have to be submitted by 17 February.  There is still time for others to put something together so if you require an application form email  

Projects need to address the priorities of heritage and tourism, local economy and ‘access to services’ (which is intended as a catch all for anything not covered by the first two!)

Some of you will have heard the Scottish Government announcement of a major public consultation to determine whether fracking should be allowed in Scotland. When this subject was last discussed at the Community Council it was apparent that few people have the information they need to make an informed decision. 

You should by now have received a leaflet inviting you to a workshop in Saline Church Hall on Saturday 11 February between 11.00am and 1.00pm at which representatives from Concerned Communities of Falkirk will present both sides of the argument and identify what further information people require if they are to contribute meaningfully to the public consultation.  

This is probably one of the biggest issues facing Scotland with significant impacts for its economic and environmental future.  

The facilitators of the workshop are funded by a philanthropic donation and do not represent either the industry or hardened campaigners against fracking.

Not only will you be better informed about the issues if you attend this event but you will be able to influence how Scottish Government carry out the wider consultation.

Some while back, the Community Council raised the issue of whether people in Saline and Steelend might be trained to use hand-held speed recording devices to catch drivers on the roads into and through our community.  We have at last had a positive response from Police Scotland and have been invited to submit the names of residents who would be keen to receive training.  A number of people have already put themselves forward but if you would like to be added to the list please email


THANK YOU to Tom Masterton for your generous donation helping us to keep on delivering the community news.

We are looking for four folk who would like to join the bulletin sign off panel. 

Before signing off the bulletin for printing your job would be to look out for typos and ensure that content is aligned with our code of conduct. There are ten bulletins per year and sign off is by email. Interested in supporting your bulletin in this way? 
Call Mark on 851059.

Dance Workshop - all welcome!
Sambangra are hosting a dance workshop with Chris Blagdon (ex Sadler's Wells, ex Scottish Ballet, etc etc) Sunday 26th February, 3pm to 5pm, Miners Welfare Steelend.

No experience or training necessary, just enthusiasm, loose clothing and a willingness to have a go! This is a taster workshop for a bigger project we're hoping to get underway later in the year!

Please let us know if you'd like to attend. it won't be expensive, we only have to cover £20 room-hire, so the more participants, the cheaper it'll be...

Contact:  Ian Holmes-Lewis

SWRI members have decided to withdraw membership of the Scottish Women's Rural Institutes and have now formed a new group called Saline & District Rural. Meetings are still held as usual and we provide a varied and interesting syllabus each year. We meet on the first Wednesday of each month, except January, July and August. Meeting time is 7:30pm in Saline Community Centre.

Our numbers at present are around twenty and we always welcome new faces who would like to join in our activities (and there is a cuppa to end the evening!).

Open meetings this year are:
    1 March: Crafting with Christine Turner
    3 May: Speaker from Dunfermline Bee Keepers
    7 June: Talk from Police Scotland
    4 October: Speaker from Poppy Scotland
    1 November: Joining night

Why don't you come along on one of these meetings where you will receive a very warm welcome amongst us?

President: Irene Wardell 852683.    
Secretary: Frances Stephen 851106

I would like to take this opportunity to introduce myself as the new manager of Brightside Community Café. This is a not-for-profit café with a vision to bring our residents, family and the local community together. 

I am already working as a pamper therapist within Bandrum for the residents and staff. This is such a rewarding job as I get to spend my time with the residents and staff, chatting while I do their nails. 

When I saw the position for a new manager I just had to have it as I had lots of ideas and had seen the potential to bring everyone together as a community.

It is not only a place for residents to come but also the families if they just need a break with a coffee and a friendly chat. This is also open to the public to let them enjoy the beautiful scenery while having a friendly chat with coffee and cake.

We welcome all and look forward to seeing lots of new faces. If you want to become a volunteer then please get in touch with me.
Michelle Graham, Manager
Contact: 07869 581599

THANK YOU to Fife Council for your generous donation that will help us continue to keep our community informed of events and activities that benefit and impact our quality of life. We appreciate your helping us out.

Government Planning Consultation
The Scottish government wants to give communities like ours more opportunities to influence planning. 

Communities will be given powers to create ‘local place plans’ that support sustainable development. The Government is exploring how these could be a statutory part of local development plans, so that council-wide plans formally include the ambitions of local

The consultation anticipates that not all communities may have the resources, or want, to produce a full statutory plan. It therefore suggests a flexible system with greater and lesser levels of community participation available to suit different local circumstances. The consultation also sees an important role for children and young people in informing planning policy and decision making.

Find out more by clicking on this link:
    Planning Consultation Paper PDF

Editor's Note:

The Editor reserves the right to refuse, edit or factually correct all items submitted for publication. All views expressed in this Bulletin are purely those of the author of the item concerned and are not necessarily those of the Editor or of the Communications Group as a whole.

For our Christmas Outing over 40 youngsters and Leaders enjoyed an evening of 10 pin bowling followed by a snack in McDonalds.

At the start of this term there was a big intake of boys and girls to both the Beaver and Cub Sections, raising our numbers to seventeen in each of the Sections.

With the new term well underway, the Beaver Colony has already embarked on its next challenge - healthy eating which will lead to their gaining the Cooks and My Skills badges.
Recently Cubs Andrew Jackson, Hayden Oswald and Fraser Brown were presented with their Chief Scout’s Silver Award, the highest award in the Cub Section. All three have now moved up to the Scout Section, bringing their numbers up to thirteen. In December the Cubs joined with other Packs in the District for a big party in Dunfermline High School to celebrate the end of the Centenary Year of Cub Scouting.

The Scout Troop have already held their first winter camp of the New Year. At the end of January they were represented at the annual Scout Guide Quiz. They are also hard at work practicing for the District Camping Competition to be held in the early summer.

Some of the Explorers have joined in with the Scouts at their winter camp and have been practicing cooking on small stoves in preparation for a camping expedition in the summer.

Kinneddar Park and Cowstrandburn Residents Association are eager to collect photographs from a bygone era.  If you lived in Kinneddar Park or Cowstrandburn and have photographs of the area, events that have taken place, or residents that you would like to share with us, please get in touch.  Anne Melrose can be contacted on

The Ceilidh held on Saturday 4 February in the Community Centre was thoroughly enjoyed by all who took part and the sum of £785 was raised for the Church Restoration Fund. Many thanks to all who supported this event in any way. 

Walking Group: The programme for 2017 has now been planned. Details and further information are available on the Church website or from Pete Philp or Stewart Miller. The walk on Saturday 18 February is Whitegates to Culross which is seven miles and classed as ‘easy’.  The walk on Saturday 4 March is the Union Canal from Ratho and also classed as ‘easy’.  

Church Guild: The fortnightly meetings continue. There was a presentation on Monday 6 February by Jim and Rosemary Storm entitled More than an African Safari.   Monday 20 February will be a study evening on the Guild theme for this session Go in Joy.   The spring fundraising effort for Guild projects takes place on Monday 20 March when Captain Ali Macrae will share his experiences of Life on the Ocean Wave. This will be followed by a light supper. Tickets are priced at £5 and will be available from Guild members.

Fair Trade Fortnight: this is observed nationally from 26 February to 12 March when there will be national publicity regarding the encouragement to buy product bearing the ‘Fair Trade’ logo. This ensures a good standard of product and good working conditions and remuneration of workers.  Fair trade goods will be on sale in the Church Hall after the morning service on Sunday 12 February, and at the Coffee Morning on Wednesday 15 February.

World Day of Prayer (International and Interdenominational): On Friday 3 March, over 600 services will be held in Scotland on the theme of Am I Being Unfair to you?. The Christian women of the Philippines wrote the service and it is translated into 1000 different languages to be used throughout the whole world on Friday 3 March (or as near as possible to that date), starting at sunrise over the island of Tuvalu and continuing till sunset in Alaska. During the service there will be stories of the effect of the hurricane which struck the islands in 2013 and the lives, hopes and fears of a variety of people with reflection on the Bible story in Matthew’s Gospel, Chapter 20, about the workers in the vineyard - all very thought provoking.  The service comes from a different country each year and everyone is welcome to take part.  There are several services held in Dunfermline and West Fife.   Members from Saline are invited to join with those from the Parish Church and the Church of the Holy Name in Oakley in a service in the Parish Church, Station Rd. Oakley, at 7.00 pm on 3 February. 

The next talk will be held on Wednesday 22 March in the Church Hall. It will begin at 7.00pm for refreshments, followed by John Richardson speaking on In the Footsteps of the Roman Army at 7.30 pm.

There was another good attendance at January's meeting. Highlights were discussions of fracking, acquisition of the community centre, progress towards the proposed path to Comrie Colliery and the customary traffic issues. In addition, the AGM was held.

David Chisholm reflected on progress last year and thanked everyone for their collective efforts. A healthy core of regulars has been achieved, comparing well with other communities. Nevertheless, it would be nice if more people became involved, particularly younger people. Unfortunately Melanie Mitchell has had to resign due to work commitments so there is a vacancy to be filled. If you are interested, please contact David Chisholm at

The current office bearers; 
    David Chisholm (chair)
    Jim Currie (vice chair) 
    Marie Crane (treasurer) 
and Donald Murdoch (secretary) agreed to stay in post for another year.

The Community Council's governing documents allow for co-opting local organisations. The Saline and Steelend Playpark Group was asked and agreed. Hopefully, their participation will enhance the meetings as well as giving younger persons' views on discussions.

Fracking Consultation
Jamie Hamilton from Concerned Communities Falkirk gave a useful presentation on how these communities had come together in response to the lack of reliable information from both sides of the fracking debate. A philanthropist subsequently gave money to expand discussion into West Fife. The Scottish Government is currently consulting on fracking but it is important that people identify the questions that need answered. Consequently, all residents will be contacted by leaflet or email to advise of a meeting in Saline Church Hall on Saturday 11 February between 11.00am and 1.00pm.  Our community is affected by current licences and the community council feels that it is vital that people make decisions based on reliable information. Please take this opportunity to learn more about fracking.

Community Centre
Nicky Donald from Community Ownership Support Organisation described how they could possibly help in investigation of community centre acquisition.
Nicky started by advising on new greater powers for communities to force transfer of public assets. While Fife Council supports transfer of Saline Community Centre, she advised that this should be through acquisition rather than leasing as there are distinct funding opportunities. In particular, the Scottish Land Fund is able to support acquisition but not leasing.

Nicky had read our Community Action Plan and the progress made but noted that it was due for updating. David Chisholm indicated that this had been acknowledged by the Community Council and Community Development Trust, and that Talking Tables events were being planned. Watch this space for details.

Nicky described some successful initiatives that had provided some of the facilities that were seen as important at last year's meeting with Fife Council. Many at the meeting felt that it would be useful to hear more but Nicky felt that it would be better for interested people to visit these communities to see and ask question first hand. Funds for this could be incorporated into the bid for the feasibility study.

Most present felt it was vital that the community centre remains at the heart of the community but some felt that more young people should become involved. Groups of young people like the Playpark Group have been formed and their successes will hopefully stimulate interest. However, it should also be acknowledged that young parents may have conflicts with work and/or childcare, and that such issues need to be addressed.

The Oakley Road Water Leak
Laying of the gas main to the new housing developments seems to have led to water draining away through the pipe trenches. While this has removed the problem of icing at the busy junction, the Community Council would like to know where the water is going now.

Oakley To Bickramside Path
Following the report of the presentation at the November meeting, contact was made with Jenny Ventham and Andrew Clark from Forestry Commission Scotland. While land will not be available until 2018 and formal consent will be required at a higher level, Jenny and Andrew were positive. In particular, they identified ways to improve the route and some early actions.

The visit established that people are already enjoying the area and a number of desire lines have been established. Jenny will have these cut to facilitate access. The desire lines north of the burn reflect the path route. South of the burn, she will cut the path that has been established heading west. The proposed path would head south and is less evident so arrangements are being made so survey posts will be installed to more accurately check levels etc. but these will also enable people to form their own opinions of the route. At present, the burn needs to be crossed and the possibility of early crossings here and further west is being investigated.

Now that FCS's position is clearer and subject to the approvals referred to earlier, the Community Development Trust will be consulting via the Talking Tables events with a view to securing funding for Phase 1 works referred to in the November issue.

This is a valuable resource that is open to all but some are unsure how to get there. Follow the access to The Steadings through the Allanwater development site, continue towards The Steadings as far as the gate on the right. DO NOT CONTINUE INTO THE STEADINGS ….. IT'S A DEAD END. Follow the track beyond the gate as far as the Forestry Commission sign and then the rough track to the right. When the marker posts are installed, an update will be posted here. Please note that the burn can be crossed by stepping stones when water levels are low but wellies are required at other times.

Kinneddar Park And Cowstrandburn
In response to residents' complaints about speeding through Cowstrandburn and “quiet” rumble strips in Kinneddar Park, Transportation advised that Fife Council had no record of incidents on the Cowstrandburn road but would investigate. The rumble strips were quieter to avoid undue nuisance to nearby residents.

Police have been contacted about the use of the Blair House site by motorbikes, which is both dangerous and a nuisance to residents. Fife Council was also contacted about the lack of security and possible danger to the public. The site owners, Scottish Mine Restoration Trust is to be contacted to take safety measures

Oakley Road Problems
The problems on Oakley Road are a major issue with people complaining about mud, water running down to Kinneddar Bridge, delivery vehicles causing congestion, speeding lorries and traffic lights that do not allow traffic enough time to pass safety. While people are concerned about filth on their vehicles, all are concerned about safety. Investigations show that Transportation contacted the developers in April 2016 and informed them that road sweeping was not an acceptable way to keep the road free of mud and debris. 

Cllr Bobby Clelland and the Community Council raised these issues with Pam Ewen, Fife Council Service Manager, who has instructed her enforcement officer to investigate.

Participants at the meeting indicated that they welcomed the new developments and accepted that there would be some nuisance. However, they also felt that the actions to reduce problems were ineffective and being ignored by Allanwater.

Proposed Cycle Race
Fife Council has received an application to hold a street parade that is a cycle race of an anticipated 80 riders, starting and finishing in Saline. While the Community Council did not wish to stop people's enjoyment, it was concerned about the lack of details and that the applicant hadn't thought to consult the community. More importantly, the proposed route involves the road through High Steelend to Redcraigs and eventually returning to Saline via Oakley Road. Both these roads have been the subject of complaints about poor driver behaviour while Oakley Road's alignment and current condition is particularly problematic. The Community Council therefore requested that Transportation and Police be asked to comment. This is being done.

Edinburgh Airport Flightpath Consultation
Many residents will have received a letter advising of this consultation. The Community Council has received an electronic copy of the 81-page, full colour report that would be too expensive to copy. The flightpaths over our communities appear to be unchanged and most impact seems to be on Dunfermline eastwards towards Dalgety Bay and on West Lothian. The Community Council has not been contacted about concerns over the current flight patterns but it is still important that advantage is taken of the opportunity to comment. The document will be posted on the Community Website while Donald Murdoch will send electronic copies on request (

Aw Naw. More Dog Fouling
Everyone knows that this is a minority of owners but this minority is affecting the rest of the community, particularly children, and is affecting the reputation of decent dog owners.
Fife Council's dog warden has been asked to investigate but everyone can help by reporting the culprits. These reports are confidential and Fife Council will not release people's details. Surely other dog walkers can report those who are giving them a bad name?

Next Meeting
This will be on Tuesday 28 February 2017 at 7.30pm in Saline Community Centre. Meetings are increasingly discussing topics that are particularly relevant. Participants are encouraged to contribute and can raise their own issues. Why not give it a try?

Are you a small business that could benefit from increased numbers of visitors to the West Fife Villages? If so, read on.

The West Fife Community Planning Group has received a grant from the BIG Lottery to update the current West Fife Guidebook and to convert it to a free e-book. This will enable more information on local facilities to be made available to visitors.

The new guide will highlight the local heritage and recreational assets that visitors would not otherwise be aware of as well as “bigger” assets like Knockhill and Bus Museum. Our own Heritage Society will be providing most of the information and text.

The big change is to add information on the obvious businesses who could provide services like B&B, catering, crafts and shops but there may be others. For example, does anyone hire out horses? The group is looking for details of the business, what they offer, opening times, contacts and web site links.

If you want to provide details or discuss further, please contact Donald Murdoch at To avoid any doubts, you will not be asked to pay anything!

Thank You

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Steelend Miners’ Club 

One Sunday per month (look out for posters with dates), 2.00-4.00 pm: Children’s Club, entry £1. Come and join in the table tennis, pool, arts & crafts, and much more. 

Sambangra Drumming Group 
Tuesdays, 7.00pm-8.30pm, £2 

Dance Workshop
Sunday 26th February, 3 - 5pm 
Contact Ian for details: 

Saline Golf Club 
First Saturday of each month: Family Night, 5-7pm
Tuesdays: Bingo Night, 7.30pm
Thursdays: Quiz Night, 8.30pm, entry £1/person 
Sky TV and free wi-fi. Associate membership £10 per annum, £4 concessions
Q’zine Catering: also available for all functions. 

Saline church hall, 3pm - 4.15 every second Tuesday from 8th November. Cost £5. Wear loose, comfortable clothing, and bring a blanket and some warm socks. 
Please contact  Rose on    for details.

Every Thursday 5.00pm-6.00pm, Saline Church Hall

Every Thursday 6.00pm-7.30pm, Saline Church Hall

116th Fife Scout Group 
Beaver Colony, Every Friday, 6.00pm-7.30pm 
Cub Pack,  Every Thursday, 6.30pm-8.00pm
Scout Troop, Every Thursday, 7.30pm-9.00pm
Explorer Unit, Every Thursday, 7.30pm-9.00pm 
Carnock Community Centre, Camps Road, Carnock. Open to both boys & girls

Highland Dancing Classes
Tuesdays 4.00pm-5.00pm
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Adult Badminton
Mondays 7.45pm
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Saline Smilers (Toddler Group) 
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Craft and Chatter
Thursdays 10.00am-12.00noon
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Sambangra Drumming Group, Tuesdays, 7.00pm-8.30pm, £2, Steelend Club

Fitness with Lesley Halstead
Thursday mornings, 10.00 am
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Line Dance Classes
Monday 10.00am - 11.00am
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Afternoon Craft Group 
Every second Tuesday from 8 March
2pm-4pm, Saline Church Hall

Country Dancing
Mondays, 7.00pm
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