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Issue 31 - October 2014

posted 8 Oct 2014, 07:56 by Ian Holmes-Lewis   [ updated 5 Feb 2015, 13:53 ]

The Community Council has constantly stressed the value of this service despite its limited timetable*. On reading the last Bulletin (great to know that people are reading it), Ken Fraser has researched Stagecoach’s website and established that the 28 meets some evening needs that are outlined in the Community Web Site. While it is accepted that this does not address the early morning and afternoon gaps, Ken has established that residents can use the school buses as far as Queen Anne High School. He points out that there are more services than those shown at bus stops and advises consulting the journey planner on the Stagecoach website.

The 28 service is subsidised by Fife and Falkirk Councils. It is well known that both councils are currently assessing the current subsidy levels. It doesn’t take a genius to work out that there will be cuts and it must also be acknowledged that Stagecoach will only run services on routes that they consider profitable. It is therefore important that use is made of the 28 and it should be noted that it provides a useful link to express buses to Glasgow from Kincardine. This connects to regular services to Glasgow Airport and Ayr via Prestwick Airport. It is also important that people attend the proposed meeting with Fife Council and Stagecoach, which is an opportunity to identify how services can be improved within the above constraints.

* Additional timetable information available on this page just above last month's Bulletin

(Your Community Needs You!) 

Every four years, fresh elections are held to select community councils. These elections will be held on 13 November and Fife Council requires nominations by 16 October. The number of community councillors allowed for each area is determined by the population and Saline & Steelend Community Council's allocation is ten councillors. The rules state that if the number of nominations is ten or fewer, all those nominated become community councillors. If, however, more than ten nominations are received, a local election is held.

Since community councils were introduced in the 1970s, we have never had an election for the simple reason that we have never had more than ten people prepared to put themselves forward for nomination. (This is out of a population of around 2000!)

With a probable reduction in the funds and resources of local authorities coupled with Holyrood's instinctive policy of the centralisation of power, it is important that we should maintain a strong and active community council in order to protect and improve local services and infrastructure. Furthermore, if a few more folk put themselves forward, this would necessitate an election. This would focus local attention on our community council and would raise the status of the resulting council that would be truly democratically elected.

Nomination Packs can be downloaded from Fife Council’s website, Fife Direct. This is not, however, an easy website to negotiate and if you ring 852698, a Nomination Pack will be delivered to your door. 


We're really into the winter session now. Last month, Geoff Bailey explained the layout of the many canals around the Grangemouth area, their history, the reason they were needed, etc. This month...?

Do you remember travelling on trams? Well, you can hear more about them if you join us on Wednesday 29 October, 7pm for 7.30pm, at Saline Church Hall when Keith Mason will speak about Fife Trams. Ding! Ding! Hop on! You'll be made very welcome!

Editor's Note

The Editor reserves the right to refuse, edit or factually correct all items submitted for publication. All views expressed in this Bulletin are purely those of the author of the item concerned and are not necessarily those of the Editor or of the Communications Group as a whole.


Saline First Responders are delighted to have been shortlisted for the Bank of Scotland Community Fund 2014 in Dunfermline and Central Fife but they need your help to win £3000.

Saline First Responders are volunteers who are trained by the Scottish Ambulance Service to attend medical emergencies within their local area, which in this case is Blairhall, Comrie, Oakley, Carnock, Gowkhall, Steelend and the outlying farms. As these areas are very rural the work undertaken by the First Responders is pivotal to help reduce deaths and complications in the community. Heart attack patients can die within 8 minutes and the rural nature of this area makes it very difficult for ambulances to respond quickly. This is where the First Responders come in. It is not a replacement for an ambulance, when you dial 999 an ambulance and a First Responder will be dispatched at the same time. As well as this, the First Responders assist communities with training in Defibrillator Awareness and Heart Start Courses.

You can vote for Saline First Responders by tweeting #COMMFUND GPC, by texting Vote GPC to 82332, by going online or by visiting your local branch. Members of the public can vote for their preferred community group on-line, by SMS or Twitter, or in a Bank of Scotland branch from 2 September to 10 October 2014. The local good cause that receives most votes in each community will receive an award of £3,000, with the other groups receiving £2,000, £1,000 or £500 depending on the votes received. Voting for the 2014 Community Fund is open voting is open until Friday 10 October.
Saline First Responders: Janis McCulloch,


This note is intended to inform the community of what happens next with this project following the successful public consultation exercise in the Community Centre on Friday 26 September.

Having received planning consent in principle from Fife Council in February of this year, and having exhibited how the detailed scheme for the 55 new homes is being developed, the Association is considering the views expressed and will now finalise its plans before submitting them to Fife Council by the end of October for Reserved Matters.

On the assumption that the Reserved Matters are approved within the anticipated timescale, it would be the Association’s intention to begin developing the site from May 2015. Given the scale of the project, it is likely to be phased over two years, with full completion by 2017 or 2018.

The 55 homes will all be for social rent, given the scale of housing need for that tenure locally, and will provide a mix of house types (bungalows, two-storey houses, and two-storey cottage flats) and sizes (one, two, and three bedrooms) to suit a range of household needs. The project will also provide safe pedestrian links to the remainder of the village, as well as improvements to Oakley Road itself (in conjunction with the Allan Water development across the road), to enhance road safety.

The Association contact is Alan Henderson, Business Development Manager. His e-mail address is if anyone has a specific query or issue.


The Coffee Morning for Macmillan Cancer support services held on 1 October raised £180; thanks to all who supported this effort in any way.

Monday 20 October: The Church Guild invites all interested to come and hear a presentation of the work of CHAS (Children's Hospice Association Scotland) at 7.30pm in the Church Hall.

Friday 24 October: 'SPUDS and PUDS' evening with musical entertainment at 7.00pm in the Church Hall. Come and enjoy food, fun and fellowship for £5 - soft drinks provided or BYOB. Tickets are available from Jocelyn Miller (852854). Proceeds go to the Church Restoration Fund.

Sunday Services: 1030am (children meet in the hall for part of the service).

Sunday 28 October: Sacrament of Holy Communion. 

Sunday 9 November: The morning service will include an Act of Remembrance at the War Memorial (the Heritage Centre Museum exhibition will be open after the service). 


As the elected chairman of the Saline and Steelend Community Development Trust (SSCDT), I feel it is vital that everyone has the opportunity to be well informed, so a few words from me about the SSCDT.

Let’s start with what it’s not:

· It is not some sort of Big Brother group to interfere with other established community groups.

· It is not a central funding organisation for all local community projects.

· It is not a group formed to decide what will and won’t happen.

· It is not an independent group free to dream up new projects and to proceed with these as it sees fit.

· It is not the owner of the community plan.

So what is it?

· Its formation was a specific action in the agreed and published Community Action Plan.

· It is a formal organisation with charitable status to enable the community to buy and own assets i.e. land, equipment etc.

· It is set up like a business.

Then what does or will it do?

· It takes direction from the Community Council.

· It offers support to existing community groups who may require advice or help with funding, project management communication etc.

· It will own and lead projects assigned to it by the Community Council.

· It potentially makes things easier or possible to obtain high value funding for big projects.

Tell me about the membership?

· Any Saline/Steelend resident over 18 is eligible to be a member and all are encouraged to join.

· Membership is free.

· Your details are required as the trust members need to be formally identified so you can receive appropriate communication; also, it is a legal requirement for the Development Trust structure. It does not commit you to anything nor does it expose you to any risk.

What community projects have been assigned to the Development Trust?

· The Saline to Oakley path: This is identified in the Community Plan and good progress was being made but the project was impacted by access issues associated with new tree planting. The path will eventually be built but it probably won’t be complete until 2018.

· A community information scheme: SSCDT is arranging funding to be used to establish and improve information boards and signage round the village and established pathways.

I Heard Rumours (not the iconic Fleetwood Mac album)...

· The Development Trust has elected officers, some of who are also members of other community groups. This must be a good thing. People also have ideas – very often good and great ideas for community projects etc. These ideas (some from the Community Action Plan and some not) get discussed formally and informally at various meetings. This can lead to misinformation or rumours and such rumours can cause concern or distress which is clearly something to be avoided. Most people working in community groups have the very best of intentions; they want to help and improve the community, so it is critical, where possible, that the various groups do communicate with each other to ensure rumours are not started. The Development Trust is no exception. This is particularly important when seeking funding for projects as the funders want to see a coordinated and planned approach from a community. That makes funding approval more likely and as a community we build trust and credibility with funders.

· The Development Trust reports at each Community Council meeting.


Hopefully these few notes might have clarified a few things. If you have any questions then don’t hesitate to get in touch with me – Gareth Turner – and I’ll try hard to get you an answer. If you are not a member, then please do join up as the larger the community membership the better. As a member you will receive the minutes of meetings directly, be invited to attend meetings if you choose and you have a voice that can be heard.

Finally, the SSCDT is for all of us, not for any single individual.
Gareth Turner SSCDT Chairman 


Another lively community council meeting managed to provoke considerable debate covering a wide range of topics.

On-going Issues

Progress has been made on a number of issues important to the community.

1. Removal of Anemometer Mast at Lockshaw Moss: This has still not been done. An application for a renewal of consent for the test mast at West Craighouse has been submitted. While there was concern over the time taken to address this matter, it was felt that there was little point in objecting to the application

2. Main Street Parking: David Chisholm’s sketch had received favourable feedback at the Kingdom Housing Association consultation event. There was support for the concept of additional parking and new access to the school at the bus turning circles to address the parking issues on Oakley Road.

3. Play Facilities: Parents have confirmed their interest in progressing this but the proposed open meeting has not yet been confirmed. It was noted that Saline and Steelend Community Development Trust was supportive but that the project would be in the “ownership” of the Parents Group.

4. Oakley Road: The situation at the school continues to cause concern and is compounded by incidences of thoughtless parking. It was noted that the head teacher regularly reminds staff and parents of the need for responsible behaviour. Fife Council is reluctant to impose parking restrictions in view of the impact on local residents. Joan Featherstone advised that the traffic calming works due to start on 6 September have been postponed and are now due to start on 6 October. She also advised of difficulties in exiting Craighouse Place due to inconsiderate parking at the road junction and round the corner towards Easter Craig Gardens. It was suggested that concerned residents should attend the police meetings in Oakley.


At the August meeting it was agreed that the community council would contribute to the provision of a defibrillator at Saline Golf Course and this has been paid. The meeting also learned of a shortfall of £50 to provide entrance signs to Cowstrandburn and Kinneddar Park. These will be manufactured by local man, Stewart McDonald, and will be similar to those already installed in Saline. The meeting felt that this was an excellent project and agreed to contribute.

Blair House Opencast Site Restoration

Thomas Docherty MP has forwarded copies of correspondence with Fife Council. Cllr Bobby Clelland advised that things were moving forward and that a meeting of the Liaison Committee had been arranged for 3 October. This will be reported in the next issue.

New Bus Timetables

Ken Fraser had researched the Stagecoach website and advised of several services in the evening that provided access to and from Dunfermline (see separate article). Considerable discussion on the morning and afternoon services was provoked. The community’s views were noted by Cllr Clelland who is arranging a meeting with Stagecoach and Fife Council. Some present saw the new housing developments as a factor that could justify better services while others saw it as a problem. It is hoped that the former view will prevail.

Kingdom Housing Association Oakley Road Site

It was noted that participants in the recent drop-in session were generally supportive of the proposals but that some felt that there should be some houses for sale to locals. It was therefore agreed that Kingdom Housing Association be approached on this. The Main Street site was also raised and it was felt that the site should either be developed quickly or found another use. The current situation is not seen as an option and the secretary will be contacting Fife Council about this. More details of the project are covered elsewhere in this issue.

Next Community Council Meeting

Everyone is welcome to attend and participate in discussions. The next meeting is at 7.30pm in Saline Community Centre on Tuesday 28 October 2014. This should be an interesting meeting so, why not come along?


New Bus Timetables

I work in Oakley, start work at 9am, (changed my hours after one of the last changes to the bus service) It's hard to believe my place of work is only two miles down the road and so difficult to get to without a car!!

I used the 8.30am service, but couldn't get my head round the fact that the 8.30am bus is only going to run during school holidays!!

I sent an email to Stagecoach to find out why, their reply was - 'due to low passenger numbers, the number 6 service is not commercially viable at this time, and therefore, to ensure there is still a service in operation the new timetable has been built around school contracts resulting in some journeys only operating when the schools are on holiday'. They also said that the services will be monitored and reviewed in due course!

Ironically, the change now means if necessary I can get a bus Monday to Thursday home from Oakley as I finish at 4.30pm (4pm on a Friday, not so good)!! Before the change a Friday was the only day I could get a bus home at a reasonable time!

As I said in my email to them, I have lived in Saline all my life, don't drive so have adapted accordingly to the bus changes of route etc, this time however, I am unable to change my hours......again, to suit.

I am depending on various people to get me to work just now but can't always have them available. The upshot is I have to work only when the schools are on holiday!!!!

Hope the Community Council meeting has a positive outcome.

Morag McDonald
42 Oaklea,


Fife Council is updating its database of groups currently meeting in the West Fife Villages, which will be used to advise of any relevant funding that might be available and events that may be of interest to groups. Importantly, it will also allow others to know what is available in the area.

The Council has been contacting groups already known but is conscious that there will be others who could benefit from the information to be circulated (It IS useful). If your group has not been contacted directly, the form is posted on the community website or you can contact Dorothy Brownlie, Area Support Officer, Civic Centre, Inverkeithing, KY11 1PA (tel 03451 555555 ext 497058 or e-mail


Liz Harvey will be holding a drawing workshop on Saturday 8 November at Shieldbank Coffee Shop covering simple techniques to enable even the most incompetent to produce creative drawings in various media. 10am – 4pm. All materials provided. Cost: £20 including lunch. For more details/to book a place phone Liz on 851493.

Something to promote?

Don’t forget – if you have things you want to promote on the community website, contact Ian Holmes-Lewis on 851855 


Our AGM is on Tuesday 21 October in Saline Community Centre at 7.00pm. Anyone is welcome to attend and the committee would welcome new members to come and join us and bring new and refreshing ideas to our enthusiastic group.


Not enough beds for Christmas family celebrations?

Cherry Tree Lodge, one of your local B&Bs, is open over the festive period – take a look at or telephone 01383 851059.


The tenth annual Art Exhibition is proposed for the spring of 2015. This has proved to be an extremely popular event attracting hundreds of exhibits and hundreds of visitors over the two day show.

Unfortunately John Crane, the Exhibition Manager over the last nine years, has had to step down. Well-known local artist Marylla Ferguson has however very courageously offered to take on the task if she receives the necessary support.

A meeting will be held in Saline Community Centre on 28 October at 7pm to discuss and decide on the future of the Exhibition. All previous committee members, local artists, photographers and those who would like to see this event continue are invited to attend.

Pilates Classes


InspireFit Limited, Dunfermline, run two classes on a Tuesday night in Saline Community Centre at 7.15pm (Beginner) and 8.15pm (Beginner/ Intermediate). Both classes are suitable for beginners.

Blocks run for eight weeks and the cost is £52 for the block, payable in advance.

If you would like a space in either class, please contact Suzy on 07576 368231 or email Visit our website for more information on the benefits of Pilates.

Forthcoming Meetings & Events:

Steelend Miners’ Club

Zumba: Mondays, 7.00pm-8.00pm
Zumba Toning: Wednesdays, 7.00pm-7.45pm
Sambangra Drumming Group: Tuesdays, 7.00pm-8.30pm, £2 

Saline Golf Club

First Saturday of each month: Family Night, 5-7pm
Tuesdays: Bingo Night, 7.30pm
Thursdays: Quiz Night, 8.30pm, entry £1 per person
Sky TV and free wi-fi. Associate membership £10 per annum, £4 concessions
Q’zine Catering: also available for all functions. Catering opening hours are Wednesday 4.30-9pm, Thursday 11am-8pm, Friday 11am-5pm.

Every Thursday 6.00pm-7.30pm
Saline Church Hall

116th Fife Scout Group

Beaver Colony
Every Friday, 6.00pm-7.30pm

Cub Pack
Every Thursday, 6.30pm-8.00pm

Scout Troop
Every Thursday, 7.30pm-9.00pm

Explorer Unit
Every Thursday, 7.30pm-9.00pm

The Group meets in Carnock Community Centre, Camps Road, Carnock. Open to both boys and girls

Highland Dancing Classes
Tuesdays 4.00pm-5.00pm
Thursdays 6.30pm-8.00pm
Saline Church Session Room

Adult Badminton
Mondays 7.45pm
Wednesday 1.30pm and 7.30pm
Saline Community Centre
Beginners welcome

Saline Smilers (Toddler Group)
Tuesdays 9.30am-11.30am during school terms
Saline Community Centre

Craft and Chatter
Thursdays 10.00am-12.00noon
Last Friday of month 7.00pm-9.00pm
Shieldbank Coffee Shop

Sambangra Drumming Group
Tuesdays, 7.00pm-8.30pm, £2
Steelend Club

Community Council Meeting
Tuesday 28 October
7.30pm, Saline Community Centre

Line Dance Classes
Monday 10.00am - 11.00am
Friday 10.00am - 11.00am
Saline Community Centre

Saline & Blairingone Parish Church
Monday 20 October: Presentation of the work of CHAS (Children's Hospice Association Scotland) 7.30pm, Church Hall.
Friday 24 October: 'SPUDS and PUDS' evening 7.00pm, Church Hall.
Sunday 28 October: Sacrament of Holy Communion.
Sunday 9 November: Act of Remembrance,
1050am, War Memorial

Afternoon Craft Group
Every second Wednesday from 9 September
2pm-4pm, Saline Church Hall

Scottish Country Dancing
Every second Monday from 15 September
7.30 pm - 9pm Saline Community Centre

Saline & District Heritage Society
Fife Trams: Keith Mason
Wednesday 29 October
7.00 for 7.30pm, Saline Church Hall

Horticultural Society
Annual General Meeting
Tuesday 21 October
7.00pm, Saline Community Centre


All contributions for inclusion in the Bulletin are welcome and should be submitted to Jacquie Clapperton on

or by telephoning 852367.

Three events at Shieldbank Coffee Shop

1/ Bill Adair in Concert, Saturday October 18th at 7.30pm, Tickets £10.00, BYOB.
Bill is a folk singer who plays a blues style guitar.

2/ Indoor Craft Fair, Saturday 1st & Sunday 2nd November 10.30am till 5.00pm both days

3/ Andrew Gordon Evening, Saturday 6th December, 8.00pm Tickets £10.00 BYOB.
Andrew is a Dunfermline based traditional Scottish Folk singer.

This Community Bulletin is produced by Saline and Steelend Communications Group