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Issue 25, April 2014

posted 2 Apr 2014, 17:15 by Ian Holmes-Lewis   [ updated 6 Feb 2015, 11:13 ]
There's Gold In Them There Hills! 

Exclusive Report
Gold in Saline Burn? 

Scotgold Resources Ltd, the company mining for gold in the Trossachs National Park, has stimulated the search for gold in many of Scotland’s rivers and burns. One of the burns investigated has been our own Saline Burn and a surprisingly high level of this precious metal has been located in a stretch of the burn. This actual location will have to remain secret for the time being; the reason for this is that it is unclear who own the mineral rights to this particular section of the burn.

Dr April Fuller, a metallurgist from Stirling University, who has analysed the samples, stated “I am extremely excited about the fantastic amount of gold that these samples revealed”

 Dr Fuller added “The clear indications are that a commercial enterprise may well be viable now testing has proven the sample to be real rather than the so called fool’s gold”.

Peter Hart, the proprietor of Kirklands House in Saline, was asked for his views on these findings. He said "I intend to do some sampling by panning in the burn close to Kirklands. If we have a significant amount of the metal it is possible that I could introduce Gold Panning courses for tourists and locals".

John Crane, the Chair of the Community Council, and who has researched the history of the parish said "I cannot find any direct evidence of gold being found in the district but I have often wondered about the name Golden Grove that describes a small area adjacent to Cowstrandburn. Additionally, it may be significant that in the year 1153 David I granted a charter for the mining of gold in Dunfermline".

Gareth Turner, the Chair of the Saline Development Group and the President of the Horticultural Society said, "The River Black Devon runs through my property and in view of the close proximity of Saline Burn I will certainly be investigating the possibility of panning for gold in my back yard".

Could Saline become the future Gold Capital of Western Europe? Watch this space. 

116th Fife Scout Group 

Recently the Scout troop enjoyed its first camp of the year at Fordell Firs. Arriving on Friday evening after dark, the first task was to pitch the tents. The weather being windy did not help the novices but all was soon made snug for the night. After a supper of hot dogs and hot chocolate, the Scouts retired to the tents and cosy sleeping bags. In the morning the younger Scouts mastered the art of fir lighting before cooking their own breakfasts over an open fire. The older ones were introduced to methylated spirit stoves on which they cooked their own breakfasts. As this was an introduction to camping, it was all too soon to break camp, kit packed, tents down and camp site made tidy before heading for home.

The Cub Pack not so long ago spent an evening at Fordell Firs where they enjoyed various activities including caving. The evening was rounded off with hot dogs and a drink.

The Group is now actively recruiting members, both boys and girls, for all sections from the age of 6 to 18 years. So if you are interested in fun, games and outdoor activities, this is for you! For times etc, see back page of this Bulletin.

Peter Philp (Group Scout Leader) 

Saline and Steelend Community Development Trust 

Saline and Steelend Community Development Trust held its first Annual General Meeting on 6 March. Proceedings were overseen by Alan Fowler from Fife Voluntary Action. More than a third of the membership participated in the voting, either in person or by proxy, and the following Trustees were elected:

     Gareth Turner

     John Crane

     David Chisholm

     Kay Jackson

     Ian Holmes-Lewis

     Fiona Aitken

Two further Trustees, Marie Crane and Donald Murdoch, were nominated by the Community Council. Trustees will meet in April to select office-bearers but until then Gareth Turner, David Chisholm and Kay Jackson will continue in the posts of Chair, Secretary and Treasurer respectively.

The Trust has received confirmation of a grant from the Colton Trust towards its public information boards and seats project, and the outcome of three other applications will be known shortly. Once funding is in place the Trust will work with other village groups to develop and implement the project.

Sadly the dispute between the Forestry Commission and its contractor for the Muirside Estate, which prevented the first stage of the Saline to Oakley path being constructed last October, has not been resolved. However, the Trust has been in touch with the Big Lottery and they remain keen to support the initiative. It is hoped that a way forward can be found. Meanwhile the Trust is representing Saline and Steelend in discussions with other West Fife communities about the planned Kincardine to Kelty path project, within which the Saline to Oakley section is an important element.

Membership of the Trust is open to anyone over the age of sixteen living or working in the Saline and Steelend parish, and is free. Membership meetings are held monthly. If you would like to consider becoming a member please email to obtain an application form.

Saline & Steelend Community Council 

A well-attended Saline & Steelend Community Council meeting was held on Tuesday 25 March in the Saline community Centre with Cllr Bobby Clelland and Cllr Kate Stewart in attendance. John Crane presided.

Prior to the meeting proper, the Chair invited Linda Moyes, Chair of the Saline & District Heritage Society, to give a short presentation. Linda outlined current activities of the Society. These included the preparation of the museum with a First World War theme, the coach trip to the East Kilbride National Museum of Rural Life and the work being undertaken in the old cemetery. The Chair then invited Joan Featherstone to give an update on the Saline Environmental Group (SEG). Joan said that activities had been low key over the winter months but work had been carried out at the entrance to Saline Glen and planting work had been undertaken at the turning circle and other locations in the village. Joan said that the remaining five members of SEG had met for unofficial meetings and that an open meeting of SEG was to be arranged in the near future. Joan added that the SEG were cooperating closely with the Horticultural and the Heritage Societies. The Chair thanked Linda and Joan for their presentations.

Matters arising included the perceived dangerous Saline to Oakley Road. The letter received back from Fife Council's Transportation Department was discussed. This letter did not see any reason to undertake any specific road safety improvements on this road designated the C19. The meeting concluded that we should ask Fife Council to reconsider their decision. Concerning drainage problems, following our request Fife Council had unblocked the drain in the car park at the turning circle. Their Transport Department also agreed to investigate the water runoff from the field and asked if we could provide the name and address of the landowner. Muriel Phillips agreed to obtain this information and pass it to the Chair. There was no change from last month concerning the rail for the Community Centre steps, i.e. The Centre's caretaker had informed the chair that a requisition to fit a handrail at the entrance of the Community Centre had been raised by Fife Council. We will continue to monitor. Isobel Menzies and Irene Wardell said that they considered that the steps themselves should be remodelled in order to allow safety access. The Chair agreed to take this up with Fife Council but said that this would undoubtedly delay the fitting of a safety rail. As agreed at the last meeting, letters had been sent to the MP and MSP concerning the subsidence on the A823 Hill End to Powmill road. These letters were acknowledged and work to repair the road has commenced. We doubt that the two events are connected. Fife Council have been unable to contact the owner of the property with the overgrown garden. They have decided to clear the vegetation from the footpath and then endeavour to reclaim costs. They have made arrangements for someone from the Parks Department to visit and view the extremely tall leylandii trees located in the garden of the house in question. These are some 20m high. We will continue to monitor.

Cllr Kate Stewart reported that she was fully involved in supporting the parents and children of Crombie Primary School. The options of moving the children to Cairneyhill or Limekilns was still being debated and there were pros and cons on both sides. Kate continued by stating that she was also working with the War Memorial Trust in connection with a memorial at Carnock.

Cllr Bobby Clelland gave an update on the situation with the Blair House Opencast site. He said that the insurance company holding the bond was not cooperating with Fife Council. Fife Council had engaged an Edinburgh lawyer to represent them. The key date was 31 March this year. This was the date when the bond could be called in. Kevin Davidson asked if the bond would be sufficient to restore the area. Cllr Clelland replied that the land would be restored but not necessarily to quite the high standard called for by the conditions that granted the application.

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The Treasurer reported that there was no change to the finances since the last meeting. £2712.71 is currently held but only £470.17 is available to the Community Council with the balance ring-fenced for various projects. The Treasurer stated that at this stage we normally agree donations to the two village galas. Following a discussion Jim Hensman proposed that we donate the normal amount of £150 to each village gala. This was seconded by Dave Quinney. All agreed. The Treasurer said that she would arrange the audit of the account at the end of March.

The Secretary outlined planning applications received since the last meeting. The Secretary informed the meeting that, as stated at the last meeting, she had arranged for officers from Fife Council's Parks Department to visit the West Road Playing Field. It was obvious that the extremely wet conditions had rendered the field unsuitable for any regular sporting activities. The Parks Department officials said that remedial action would be undertaken in warmer weather when the field had dried out to some degree. The Secretary said that she had provided Fife Council with suggested locations for the posters highlighting the prohibition of the consumption of alcohol.

A planning application for a Memorial Garden on Bandrum Hill for the interment of ashes was discussed at length. A number of residents who live close to the site had specifically attended the meeting in connection with this matter. It was the strongly-held view of the meeting that the proposed car park access for cars would create a dangerous situation. The suggestion that people would be advised to drive into the car park from the north would not necessarily happen and it was considered that once a car park were established, people would use the facility for other purposes such as dog walking. It was agreed that the Community Council should formally object to the application.

The planning applications for large turbine at Muirside and Bogside were discussed. The community council had already agreed to object to the Muirside Turbine and a holding request had been submitted for the Bogside turbine. It was agreed that we should now formally object to this 413-foot turbine. It was noted that a Screening Application had been submitted for an 87m turbine on Cult Hill.

It should be noted that members of the public can object or approve of these applications either on line through Fife Direct or by e-mail to or by letter to Enterprise Planning & Protective Services, Kingdom House, Kingdom Avenue, Glenrothes, KY7 5LY. The communications should quote either 13/02440/FULL for Muirside or 14/00102/FULL for Bogside.

A number of people from the Curlin' Ha' Gardens area have complained about a noisy harris hawk that is kept in a local garden shed/aviary. The residents had contacted various authorities on the matter without any success. Cllr Stewart suggested that Sheila Carrabine from Low Valleyfield Community Council had had a similar problem and may be able to help. The Chair agreed to contact Sheila.

The Community Council agreed to write to Fife Council requesting a "No Fly Tipping" notice for the garage area of Curlin' Ha' Gardens.

A discussion on the annual bonfire and firework display was held. We had, for the last year or so, asked for volunteers to take over the organisation of this event but we have had no takers. Peter Ball said that as the numbers of school children had dwindled over the years and people were attracted to the larger Dunfermline firework display our village event had run its course. Jane Shaw said that the event was a waste of money and the noise of the fireworks upset people's pets. Joan Featherstone reminded the meeting that it had been well publicised that the community council would not be undertaking the organisation of this event and a deadline of 31 March 2014 had been set for new volunteers to come forward. It was the general opinion of the meeting that we should announce that The Community Council will not be organising the bonfire and firework event this coming year or in any future year.

The next meeting of the Community Council will held on 29 April 2014. All will receive a warm welcome. 


The Editor reserves the right to refuse, edit or factually correct all items submitted for publication. All views expressed in this Bulletin are purely those of the author of the item concerned and are not necessarily those of the Editor or of the Communications Group as a whole.

Large Wind Turbines Around Saline 

As previously reported, there are several on-going wind turbine projects around our community. Before a summary of the larger projects, here are a few points regarding the planning process and your opportunity to have your say.

Like with any projects, developers have to submit planning applications to the Fife Planning Department. Developers often (but not always) first apply to erect a meteorological mast to measure wind speeds at a site they are interested in. These are temporary structures and permission is granted by default. Therefore there is little point in expressing an opinion at this stage. Next, the developers want to know what kind of information they have to submit for a specific project. They do this by inquiring if an Environmental Impact Assessment is required and by submitting a scoping request. There then follows the full application. If there are more than five objections, then the full application has to go to the West Fife Planning Committee. The Planning Department provides a recommendation to this Committee which generally follows their advice. If you want to influence the outcome of a proposal, it is important to do it whilst the planners are working on their recommendation and well before the West Fife Planning Committee meets. The planners will consider objections and support and work them into their recommendation. Tip: your statements referring to existing policies and guidelines carry the most weight. You can express your views by emailing , via the Fife Planning Department website or by writing to the Planning Department Enterprise Planning & Protective Services, Kingdom House, Kingdom Avenue, Glenrothes, KY7 5LY.

Turbines Approved For Construction:

     · Killernie Farm 1 x 48.5m (159 ft) to be built between Steelend and Saline Hill.

     · Lockshawmoss Bogside Farm, West of Saline , 1 x 125 m; approved for construction 2013. The developer hopes to change the turbine type (see below)

Planning Applications Recently Submitted To Fife Council – If you want to express your views, do it now.

     · Muirside Kineddar Farm, South of Kineddar Park 1 x 54.7m (about 177 ft); application reference 13/02440/FULL. This development would affect in particular Kinneddar Park and Cowstrandburn.

     · Lockshawmoss Bogside Farm, between Blairhall and Saline 1 x 126.5m (414 ft), application reference 14/00102/FULL. A turbine has been approved for this site. With this application the developer wants to maximise energy production by using a different model of turbine, raising the total height slightly to 126.5m. This would be by far the most visible turbine dominating the West Fife landscape.

· Blairadam Forest, 11 x up to 115m (375 ft), next to the rejected Outhmuir project mentioned below. It would be visible on the road to Kelty and from Dunfermline; application reference 14/00008/EIA. With 11 turbines this would be a major development. Dunduff community – according to an official report already located in an area where existing turbine density limits development - might not be able to see the proposed turbines directly but is only about a mile from the site.

Request For Initial Screening Opinion:

     · Cult Farm, on Cults Hill, West of Saline, 1x 87 m (285 ft). Developers want to clarify at this early planning phase if they need to do an Environmental Impact Assessment as they proceed.

Not Approved by West Fife Planning Committee:

     · Outhmuir 5 x 110m (360 ft) turbines. This proposal was refused at a West Planning Committee meeting in on Wednesday 26 March following the recommendations by Fife Planning. The recommendations stated that the development would not be in line with Fife Planning guidelines (which state that hills should be kept free of major turbine projects) also, objections by Edinburgh Airport state that this particularly large project would interfere with airport radar. REG, the developer, might choose to appeal. The recommendations also stated that over 300 objections were received and sixteen letters of support.

The Wind Turbine Discussion Forum provides an informal platform to discuss the above proposals. The next Discussion Forum is held at Saline Golf Club on Wednesday 23 April at 7pm. Everybody is welcome. There is also a Wind Turbine Discussion Forum on this website.

Craftathon Success 

The 24-hour sponsored Craftathon held by West Fife Art & Crafts on 15/16 March was a great success, with lots of people coming along during the day to take part in varied craft activities, and a hardcore group of seven crafting through the night (fuelled by wine, coffee and soup). Altogether we raised between £300 and £400 for Cash for Kids. Many thanks to all who took part, and a special thanks to Vic Beasley at Shieldbank Coffee Shop for hosting the event.

More craft activities are on the way, including:

Craft Morning for Kids

West Fife Art and Craft are organising a Children’s Easter Crafts Morning at Shieldbank Coffee Shop on Wednesday 9 April, 10.00am - 12.30pm. Come and make some Easter gifts/decorations - £1 per child, children to be accompanied by an adult.

Craft Fair

A Spring Craft Fair will be held at Shieldbank Coffee Shop, on Saturday and Sunday 12 and 13 April. 10.30am until 5pm both days, entry free.

Watercolour Workshop

Liz Harvey will be holding a watercolour workshop, based on the theme of Sea, Shore & Forest Floor on Saturday 3 May, 10.30am-4.30pm. The workshop will be suitable for complete beginners or those with a bit of experience -don’t be shy to come and have a go! All materials will be provided, cost £20 including lunch. Places are limited; please contact Liz on 851493 if you’re interested. 

2011 Census 

Some statistics from the 2011 census have been provided. See 

The population of the village of Saline was 1097, being 550 males and 547 females.

863 people identified themselves as being born in Scotland and English-born residents numbered 187. The percentage of English-born residing in Saline was 17.1% as compared to 8.7% for Scotland overall. (Where is the Morris Dancing Group?)

The numbers born in other countries of the British Isles were 4 people from Wales, 9 from Northern Ireland and 5 from the Republic of Ireland. 13 people were born in other EU countries and 14 villagers came from countries outside of the EU.

5 people in the village speak Gaelic and 343 villagers can speak Scots.

One aspect of the census that was noticeable was that the percentage of sick and disabled was only 6.5% of the village population. This compared to the overall Scottish figure of 16.6%. Saline through history has always been regarded as a healthy place to live. Maybe there is some truth in this but perhaps not if you are unfortunate enough to be sick or disabled.

Another rather surprising statistic was that 508 residents stated that they did not have any religion or did not provide an answer to the question concerning religion. This represents 46.3% of the local population compared to 43.7% for the whole of Scotland.

We were unable to ascertain any firm statistics for the overall parish of Saline or Steelend village.

Events at Shieldbank 


Saturday 12 and Sunday 13 April, 2.30pm-5.30pm: Shieldbank Riding Club Open Day. Entry Free.

Saturday 12 and Sunday 13 April, 10.30pm-5.00pm: Craft Fair. Entry Free.

Saturday 26 April, 7.30pm: Folk Night. Tickets £8.

TBA: Ladies’ Pamper Party. Time TBA


Saturday 3 May, Watercolour Workshop, Sea, Shore and Forest Floor, 10.30am-12.30pm, £20 including lunch.

Monday 5 May, Shieldbank Riding Club Spring Competition, afternoon and evening.

TBA: Fashion Show, 7.00-9.00pm, tickets £7.50.

Sunday 18 May, Bat Talk and Evening Walk, 7.30pm, entry free.

Sunday 25 May, Car Boot Sale, 2.00-5.00pm, entry free.


Wednesday 11 June, Chocolate-Making Workshop, 10.00am-12.30pm, £24.00 including lunch.

Thursday 17 June, Jewellery-Making Workshop, 10.00am-12.30pm (ish!), cost TBA.

All the above can be booked through Shieldbank Coffee Shop on 01383 852621.

Don't Forget

- if you have things you want to promote on the community website, contact Ian Holmes-Lewis on 851855 or 

Saline & Blairingone Parish Church News 

Sunday Services: 10.30am (All-age Sunday School meets in the Church Hall during the service)

Coffee Morning: every Wednesday 10.30am-12noon in the Church Hall.

Easter Celebrations

Sunday 13 April: 10.30am, Palm Sunday Service

7.00pm, West Fife Churches Songs of Praise for Easter in Saline Church

Friday 18 April: 7.00pm, Good Friday Service

Sunday 20 April: 8.30am, Prayer Walk (meet at Church Hall)

9.30am: Easter Breakfast in the Church Hall

10.30am: Easter Service

Restoration Fund Raising Events

The Quiz Night on 28 February was well attended - great fun with close competition between the teams.

The Table Top Sale and Coffee Morning on 15 March was also well-supported. Thanks to all who took part and raised over £250 on each occasion.

A Prize Bingo Evening is being organised on Friday 11 April in Steelend Hall at 6.30 for a 7.00pm start. Entry Fee includes two books and refreshments (further books can be bought as required). All ages are welcome to take part.

The Swop Shop planned for May will take place in the Church Hall on the evening of Friday 23 May and not Saturday 24 as previously advertised - full details in due course.

Daytime Craft Group

The Daytime Craft Group will meet on Tuesday 8 and Tuesday 22 April from 2pm - 4pm in the Church Hall. 

Letter to the Editor:

No More Bonfire & Fireworks For Saline? 

My husband and I moved to Steelend nearly four years ago with our children and thought that it would be great for the kids growing up knowing they had opportunities to make friends locally and have fun.

We have attended various events held by Saline and Steelend from Gala days/family fun days/art exhibitions and of course the annual bonfire and firework display which we have thoroughly enjoyed and I am sure others feel the same.

Over the past few issues of the community bulletin I have come to notice the future of these events could be limited due to the very unfortunate circumstances that face John and Marie. Unless there are some volunteers from our community that can help there will no longer be a bonfire and firework display and possibly other events too.

After seeing the requests appear a couple of times in the bulletin my husband and I wondered why nobody had come forward to help save this event and decided to give John and Marie a call. I think I can safely say at this point I was not prepared for what I was told…NOBODY, had come forward at all to volunteer and help save this for our kids and families in the community! Now, I totally understand that people are busy and have commitments but surely if the “community” is faced with these events being cancelled and our children are not going to be involved in events such as these even just a little help goes a long way does it not? I know that our family would miss such events. Would yours?

It might be easy for me to say “we can help” if it means having family events our kids can enjoy because personally we think having local events is vital for us as a family due to my long term disability and chronic pain.

I don’t get out with the kids much and unfortunately their dad is the one who takes them places outside the village but having things like the bonfire/display, galas and fun days etc on our doorstep is such a relief and involves me with the things we can do as a family without having to go too far away and cut time short due to my pain. It also gives us the ideal opportunity to meet with other families who like us don’t have family locally to help out with the children so these events are rewarding to say the least.

In saying all of this, we would love to help out as much as we can and would love some support in this from anyone that can spare some time (doesn’t matter how much time).

Please show your support for the adults and kids alike who enjoy and benefit from these community events and don’t wish to see them cease to exist in the future…..

Sarah and Michael 

Station Road, Saline? 
From the Evening Telegraph, Wednesday 13 November 1907, 

The old story of the Fife mineral railway being utilised for passenger traffic has been raised. Three or four years ago the possibility of using the line which runs between Townhill and Saline for conveying mine workers was spoken of, but nothing came of it. With the extensive mineral developments in the Steelend district, there is at present more justification for the statement that the N.B. Railway will reconstruct the railway for passenger conveyance. On inquiry it has been learned that the great expenditure involved practically precluded any possibility of any such scheme as it was stated that the cost of the railway to suit the Board of Trade regulations would exceed £20,000.

When the Bandrum Colliery was being constructed in 1907, a branch line was built linking it with the mineral railway that already existed at Upper Steelend. The Bandrum Colliery was located along the Steelend Road opposite the present small group of houses called Knockhill View.

Saline nearly had a passenger railway but Beecham would have scrapped it anyway!

Bannerman Plough Spotted! 

The Saline & District Heritage Society had a bus trip to the Museum of Rural Life in East Kilbride on Saturday 29 March. Keen eyes spotted a Bannerman plough amongst the large collection of farming machinery, painted green and having spent its working life in Lancashire. So how many people spotted it then?


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Forthcoming Meetings & Events: 

Saline Primary School

Spring Church Service: 9.30-10.30am,
28 March, Saline Church
Spring Holiday: 3.00pm, 28 March until Friday 11 April inclusive. School returns on Monday 14 April.
Good Friday Holiday: 18 April

Steelend Miners Social Club

Domino & pool competitions, Friday 9.00pm
Pilates, every Monday 6.15pm-7.00pm
Zumba, every Monday 7.00pm-8.00pm
Sambangra Drumming, every Tuesday 7.00pm-8.30pm - £2
Curry Night: 12 April, £10
Children's Disco and Hat Competition: 17 April
Ladies Night: 9 May
Prize Bingo: 19 June
Psychic Night: Date to be confirmed

Please note that the Steelend Gala Day is 2 August.


Every Thursday 6.00pm-7.30pm
Saline Church Hall 

Every Wednesday 7.30pm-9.00pm
Saline Church Hall

116th Fife Scout Group

Beaver Colony
Every Friday, 6.00pm-7.30pm
Cub Pack
Every Thursday, 6.30pm-8.00pm
Scout Troop
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Explorer Unit
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The Group meets in Carnock Community Centre, Camps Road, Carnock. Open to both boys and girls

Highland Dancing Classes
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Adult Badminton
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Shieldbank Coffee Shop

Sambangra Drumming Group
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Steelend Club

Heritage Society
Dunfermline: Canmore to Carnegie
Jack Pryde
Wednesday 30 April
7.00pm for 7.30pm, Saline Church Hall

Community Council Meeting
Tuesday 29 April
7.30pm, Saline Community Centre 

Saline, Steelend & District SWRI
Talk on the Scots Language with Rhona Craig
Wednesday 7 May
7.15pm, Saline Community Centre

SWRI Spring Tea
Tombola/Plants/Bring & Buy
April 26, 10.00am-12.00noon
Saline Church Hall

Saline Golf Club Coffee Morning & Easter Bonnet Competition
Saturday 19 April, 10.30am
Adults Section & Children's Section, 12 years & under

Line Dance Classes
Monday 10.00am - 11.00am
Friday 10.00am - 11.00am
Saline Community Centre

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