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Issue 21 NOVEMBER 2013

posted 11 Nov 2013, 16:11 by Ian Holmes-Lewis   [ updated 6 Feb 2015, 11:20 ]
Saline and District Heritage Society 

Museum Theme 2014: The Great War – 1914-1918 
Tina Chapman

Following on from our very successful museum event of Summer 2013, we are pleased to let you know that the theme for 2014 is ‘The Great War -1914-1918’.

As the designated lead for the museum presentation, I am looking for some help in gathering information and artefacts for next year. So far I have three people signed up and another two ladies willing to help; however it would be really good if there were a few more interested in preparing for the display. With a goodly number of people involved, the amount of ‘work’ to be done will be manageable and give folk time to enjoy the investigations and discussions which I know are already starting. From experience this is the fun bit when you can immerse yourself in the past, find out about your predecessors, and how our village worked and how it survived.

We thought that we could explain the involvement of the village and district in the war by following the time line of the war and populate it with things specific and relevant to this area. Topics identified so far include:

· historical time line

· our own soldiers, sailors and airmen including the Territorials 

· joining up – who, how and where –how this was managed over the four years of the war

· conscription – why and when did this occur; what effect did this have on our community

· what happened at home, what changes were there, what difficulties, what different experiences were there; changes for women and families left behind

· names of those who fought; their battalions, where they fought; what roles they played

· names of those who died; where they fought and died; what roles they played

· what happened after the war; how did returning armed service men find coming home; what difficulties were there; how did the women respond to their returning men and changes to their roles.

To support these topics we will be looking for family stories which have been passed down; items of uniform (British or otherwise); equipment (e.g. belts, cutlery roll, sewing kits); photos - of the men and those at home; letters; cards; diaries; letters from the war office or commanding officers; medals; and anything you might have which could help the story of Saline and District’s experience of the Great War.

As in previous years, the display will be held in the Session House and will comprise of large text boards, including photos, along with four display cabinets. With the amount of information that I think we will be able to gather there will also be a number of folders available with items we might not manage to present on the boards and, hopefully, lots of stories and photos from you.

Dates for meetings to take this forward will posted in the bulletin; e-bulletin and at the post office (also on a certain fence at the top of the village).

Please contact Tina Chapman on 852235 or for more information or to offer help. Everyone will be able to help with this exercise – there are lots of different things to find!

Line Dancing Classes 

Morning line dancing classes will be starting at the Saline Community Centre on Mondays and Fridays. Both classes will run from 10.00 am to 11.00 am. The cost is £1 per lesson (children under 16 half-price). You can come to one or both. The start date for these classes will be Monday 18 November.

Line dancing is a gentle way to exercise the body and the brain by moving in defined patterns to all sorts of music. It is suitable for everyone although if children attend at any time they would need to be with a responsible adult. No special clothing is needed although shoes should be suitable for dancing on a wood floor. You should also bring some liquid refreshment.

If you have any questions I can be reached at or telephone 300256.

Church News 

The primary schoolchildren who came to the holiday club on 15 October enjoyed a busy, fun morning with stories, games, DVD, songs and snacks . The youth club (S1 and S2) have had several evening sessions since the summer club and it is hoped to arrange some other events for both groups before Christmas. There will be a family Christmas Party for all ages on Sunday 15 December at 3pm.

Church Restoration Fund 

This now stands at £9,936 thanks to the Curry Night which raised £359 and the 'Silent Auction' which raised £581. We are very grateful to everyone who is supporting all these efforts, especially those who are not members of the congregation but value the presence of the church in the village. The organisers of the Curry Night would like to thank in particular Mr Nadeem in the village shop who donated a prize of two Indian takeaway meals for the raffle.

The next event will be a Handbag Party in the hall on Friday 8 November with bags, purses, jewellery and accessories supplied by Bag Perfect. Admission is £3 including refreshments. Ladies, come and enjoy a relaxing evening with friends and treat yourself or find an ideal gift to buy!

There is also a ceilidh planned for St Andrew's Night on Saturday 30 November at 7.30pm in the Community Centre. This is always a popular event so book your place soon. Tickets are £10 including supper from Irene Black ( 852971).

Remembrance Sunday, 10 November 

There will be a short Service of Remembrance at 10.55am at the War Memorial as part of the Morning Worship which will start at 10.30 am as usual. The children will be present and go to Sunday School afterwards.


The Church Guild invite you to a concert given by Limelight who offer a varied programme of folk music, songs from the shows, light opera, etc, on Monday 18 November at 7.30 in the Church Hall. Tickets are priced £5 (including refreshments) from Ada Cooper (852209). Proceeds from this event will go to two projects which the Guild is supporting this year: one helping the resettlement of refugees in Rwanda after the civil war, and the other providing art therapy for people living with dementia. 

Saline and District Heritage Society 

Winter Meetings

At our last meeting, attended by around 50 people, the speaker, Fiona Houston, proved to be extremely interesting. She arrived dressed in the clothes of an 18th century working woman and proceeded to give us a detailed account of a full year she had spent living the life of such a woman with absolutely none of the modern luxuries and conveniences.

Next time, on 27 November, Martin Rogers will show slides and tell us about the history of Rosyth Garden City and the Royal Dockyard. Many residents of Saline have connections with Rosyth and the Dockyard so I'm sure they will find it interesting. Free coffee/tea and biscuits at 7; speaker starts at 7.30 p.m.

Museum Theme for 2014

As this will be the centenary of the first World War we intend to commemorate the experiences of those fighting and those left behind at home. Tina Chapman will be co-ordinating this and she is seeking your help. What do you remember of stories you have heard from your forebears? Have you any photographs or memorabilia? Your support is essential. You can contact Tina on 852235.

Bus Trip to Flanders

There is a tentative proposal to run a bus trip to WW1 battlefields during the summer of next year. At the moment, all we want to know is the degree of interest in such a plan. Basic information is: bus from Saline to either Dover or Hull; three nights B&B in France; guided tour around sights and museums; maximum 40 seats available; cost in the region of £350. Register your interest only (no booking just now) by contacting Jane on 852677 or

Horticultural Society News 

The Horticultural Society held their AGM in the third week of October. It was reported that the Annual Flower Show was a success helped by the lovely summer. There was only one change to the committee with Bill Phillips taking up the position of Show Manager.

With the closing up of gardens for the winter hopefully people will encourage new gardeners by offering spare plants to them and we can all browse the catalogues around a warm fire and picture next year's colour in the flower beds.

Large Wind Turbines round Saline 

The next Wind Turbine Discussion Forum at Saline Golf Club is on Wednesday 20 November at 7pm. Everybody is welcome.

Saline & Steelend Community Council’s Annual Bonfire & Firework Display 

I have written reports about the Saline & Steelend Bonfire and Firework Night on more times than I care to remember. We have had marvelous evenings, cold but dry, where local folk had mingled and chatted and exclaimed at the fireworks. Other evenings have been miserable with pouring rain and strong winds where very few folk have attended, and if they did, they very soon departed to return to the comfort of their own firesides. For a few days prior to this year's event I had been reviewing the weather forecast for Saturday. It looked dire, with heavy rain predicted for most of Saturday. It was so bad that I had consulted Mark Johnstone (in charge of fireworks) and Colin Leask, (the bonfire manager) on if we should cancel the event. To their credit and good sense they both advised that we should carry on regardless. So on Saturday morning, with ominous grey clouds threatening on all points of the compass, a group of dedicated volunteers assembled at the West Park field to build the bonfire. David Sproul, Andy Pryce, Alan Monk, Jamie Smith, Donald Murdoch, Ian Beat, Gordon Moyes, Martin Klaus and Douglas Hannah all pitched in and Billy Paterson, with his front loading tractor, made short work of building our bonfire. Before we had finished, the heavens opened and the predicted torrential rain arrived. However, we carried on our preparations during the afternoon.

Our perseverance was rewarded as from about 6.30 pm on Saturday it stopped raining and the wind fell away to a gentle breeze. We had a fantastic night. Apollo Disco were in attendance as normal and we enjoyed a spirited recital from the Saline & Steelend Drummers conducted by Ian Holmes-Lewis. This new feature was much appreciated by the audience. Colin Leask had to work hard to get an extremely damp bonfire to light but managed in the end. The firework display, planned and orchestrated by a very experienced Mark Johnstone, was even better than last year’s display.

The Scouts and the Guides kept everyone going with hot snacks and the PTA were busy supplying those light stick things that the children love.

Many thanks to the marshals for the evening, these being Barry Kelso, Andy Pryce, Alan Monk, Jamie Smith, Gordon Moyes and Ian Beat.

Special thanks go to William Russell & Sons Ltd for providing the bonfire material, Craig Mitchell for supplying the front loader, to Claire Cuthbertson our first aider and to Jim Hensman who has done a lot to keep this annual event going. Thanks also to those kind folk who sold Bonfire and Firework Display raffle tickets, namely Sally McCallum, Dave Quinney, Alistair Clark, Linda Moyes, Liz Dryburgh and family, Kay Jackson, Betty Thomson, Tina Chapman, Jean Alexander, Jill Hart, Laura McGuinness, Sheron Buchanan, Donald Murdoch, Sandy and Linda Carstairs, and Martin King.

Saline & Steelend Community Council. Bonfire & Firework Display Raffle, 2013.


                  Prize                             Ticket No.            Name/Address



£100 Cash




Jan Hally

21 Easter Craig Gardens


£50 Cash






24 Sunnybraies Terrace


£25 Cash




John Reed

20 Balmanio Green








Derek Butcher



Temple Spa


Ann Johnstone

7 Upper Kineddar



15 Dunlop Golf Balls


Ann Black

16 Craig House Place


Bottle of Wine


Mrs Packham

1 Henderson Place


Victoria Chocolate



Sam Carney

Ailsa Craig

Oakley Road


M & S Chocolate Biscuits


Mr Prentice


Upper Kinneddar Gardens


M & S Shortbread


Cheryl Wylie

14 Craigivar Close



Sweet Shop


C Stones

2 Kinneddar Mains






A Harvey

Grange Cottage

 Fireworks - Thanks! 

Hi there,

I just wanted to express my thanks for everyone's efforts in providing the Guy Fawkes Bonfire in Saline, appreciating that many helping hands would have been volunteers. It's not the easiest job when working against the wet elements and I was certainly glad for everyone that night cleared up sufficiently.

Being from Australia where Guy Fawkes isn't really celebrated, up until Saturday in Saline, my only Bonfire night was experienced down in Hamel Hempstead Camelot Rugby Club in 2007 and I enjoyed it.

I do prefer the smaller country village style events as I feel they tend to stay more true to the original meaning rather than getting distorted to all proportions into a big Commercial venture.

Once again, Thank you!

Charity Ratcliffe
(based in Edinburgh) 

Events at Shieldbank 

Folk Evening with Wendy Arrowsmith Saturday 23 November at 8.00pm. Tickets for this event are £8.00 in advance. They can be paid over the telephone on 01383 852621 (9.30am - 6.00pm seven days). This is a bring your own bottle event (glasses will be provided). Soft drinks, tea and coffee plus snacks can be bought from the coffee shop.

Indoor Christmas Market

Saturday 7 and Sunday 8 December, 10am until 6pm. Come and browse a selection of hand-crafted Christmas cards and gifts – for your home, yourself or friends and family.

Community Council Matters

A modestly attended community council meeting nevertheless managed to provoke considerable debate.

Kingdom Housing Association

Alan Henderson from Kingdom Housing Association attended to give an update on Kingdom’s application for the Oakley Road site and to outline the likely process should planning permission be granted; The application is likely to go to committee in January 2014 and, subject to acquisition of the site, detailed plans will be prepared with a view to submitting a full planning application in late summer 2014. The community will be kept informed and their comments taken into account. The aim is to start the first phase in spring 2015 with construction taking about a year. Around 50-55 houses will be built in two phases. It is only at the detailed stage that house sizes and tenure will be decided but most will be social rent along with some mid market and shared equity properties.

Kingdom’s architect, Moray Royles from City Architecture Office, advised of discussions on urban design with Fife Council to ensure good integration with the existing settlement. More information on this is available on Kingdom’s web site. Alan indicated that Kingdom would ideally have worked with the developers of the LRD site but it is currently being marketed and this is not possible.

Concerns were raised about the condition of the Oakley Road playing fields and questions were asked whether Kingdom would be doing any works. The answer was that Kingdom are not permitted to fund works that should be carried out by others (Fife Council) and those present felt that pressure should be put on Fife Council to improve the park and should certainly investigate linking drainage works to Kingdom’s.

There were further concerns about road safety but, again, this was seen as Fife Council’s responsibility and the community council agreed to press Fife Council for action. In response to one particular question, Alan confirmed that a safe route to school would be provided as part of the project.

The community council unanimously agreed to support the principle of development but would also press Fife Council to address the issues raised at the meeting

Saline Heritage Society 

Linda Moyes gave a presentation on the society’s work to date and John Crane praised their progress. In recognition of this, it was agreed that a donation of £50 be made towards running costs. It was also noted that the society hopes to follow up its successful trips to New Lanark and Newtongrange with a more ambitious trip to WW1 battlefields in 2014.

Cllr Bobby Clelland 

Bobby advised that traffic calming on Oakley Road is being re-examined and that the Comrie Opencast Trust was now calling for applications. To considerable concern, he advised of changes to policing in Fife, particularly the closure of counter services in Oakley. These changes conflict with assurances given to Fife Council by Police Scotland. It was also noted that there is to be a review of the Fire Service with possible closure of the Fife Control Service. Some present thought that this would be a disastrous decision.

AGM and November 2014 Meeting

It was agreed that the AGM will be held in January 2014. The next monthly meeting will be on Tuesday 26 November 2013 at 7.30pm in Saline Community Centre. All members of our community are welcomed to these meetings.

December and January Issue of the Bulletin

It is hoped that next month’s issue of the Bulletin will be a bumper edition, covering both December and January! The deadline for any copy to be included is 30 November as we aim to distribute the Bulletin during the week ending 7 December. There will be no Bulletin in January and the first 2014 issue will be delivered during the week ending 8 February.

If there are any events during December and January that you would like covered by the Bulletin, please submit them by emailing or by telephoning 852367.


Forthcoming Meetings & Events:

Steelend Club
Domino & pool competitions, Friday 9.00pm 
Pilates, every Monday 6.15pm-7.00pm 
Zumba, every Monday 7.00pm-8.00pm 
Sambangra Drumming Group, Tuesdays, 7.00pm - 8.30pm, £2 


Every Thursday 6.00-7.30pm 
Saline Church Hall 

Every Thursday 7.30pm-9.00pm 
Saline Church Hall 

116th Fife Scout Group
Beaver Colony 
Every Friday, 6pm-7.30 pm 
Cub Pack 
Every Thursday, 6.30pm-8pm 
Scout Troop 
Every Thursday, 7.30pm-9pm 
Explorer Unit 
Every Thursday, 7.30pm-9pm 
The Group meets in Carnock Community Centre, Camps Road, Carnock. Open to both boys and girls 

Highland Dancing Classes
Tuesdays 4.00pm-5.00pm 
Saline Church Hall 
Thursdays 6.30pm-8.00pm 
Saline Church Session Room 

Adult Badminton
Mondays 7.45pm 
Wednesday 1.30pm and 7.30pm 
Saline Community Centre 
Beginners welcome 

Saline Smilers (Toddler Group)
Tuesdays 9.30am-11.30am during school terms 
Saline Community Centre 

Craft and Chatter
Thursdays 10.00am-12.00 noon 
Last Friday of month 7.00-9.00pm 
Shieldbank Coffee Shop 

Sambangra Drumming Group
Tuesdays, 7.00pm - 8.30pm, £2 
Steelend Club 

Heritage Society
Rosyth Garden City & The Royal Dockyard 
Wednesday 27 November 
7.00 for 7.30pm, Saline Church Hall 

Community Council Meeting
Tuesday 26 November 
7.30 pm, Saline Community Centre 

Saline, Steelend & District SWRI
AGM with tellers from Crossford Branch 

Wednesday 6 November 
7.15pm, Saline Community Centre 

Indoor Christmas Market
Saturday 7 & Sunday 8 December 
10.00am-6.00pm, Shieldbank Coffee Shop 

Folk Evening with Wendy Arrowsmith
Saturday 23 November 
8.00pm, Shieldbank Coffee Shop 
Tickets £8 in advance. 

Saline Church Family Christmas Party
For all ages! 15 December, 3pm 

Handbag Party
Friday 8 November 
Saline Church Hall, Tickets £3 

St Andrews Day Ceilidh
Friday 30 November 
7.30pm Saline Community Centre 
Tickets £10, including supper 

Service of Remembrance
Sunday 10 November 
10.55am, War Memorial 


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