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Issue 14 April 2013

posted 16 Apr 2013, 16:27 by Ian Holmes-Lewis   [ updated 10 Sep 2017, 12:24 ]
The West Fife Villages Exhibition of Art, Photography & Craft

The annual West Fife Villages Exhibition of Art, Photography & Craft will take place over the weekend of 20 and 21 April.  
Although we will have a selection of work by experienced artists and photographers, we especially like to encourage folk who have never exhibited before.  So why not bring along that photograph that you are proud of or that watercolour you attempted some time ago?  Just bring them along to the Community Centre between 2.00pm and 8.00pm on Friday 19 April and we will do the rest.
This exhibition will be the eighth consecutive year that Saline has hosted this event. Entry is free, though we do accept small donations to help pay for the hall. Come along, enjoy the artwork, have a cup of tea and a chat and support a worthwhile village activity.

Finally, we could always use a little more help.  Help is required from 7.00pm on Thursday 18 April to assist with setting up the display boards and from 2.00pm on Friday 19 April to assist in preparing and hanging exhibits. 
For this and any other enquires about the exhibition, ring John Crane on 852698 or 

A Coffee Shop For Saline
Up at Shieldbank Farm, Vic and Philip Beasley have been extremely busy getting the Coffee Shop up and running in the beautiful setting of the Old Steading. 
The tables look out on to the courtyard where the horses are stabled and further tables are planned outside (when the weather improves!), looking out at the breathtaking views over the Ochil Hills. After speaking with many local people, it was decided to open the coffee shop to everyone from Saline and surrounding villages. 

The Coffee Shop is now open from 9.00am to 6.00pm every day, serving freshly-made coffee, tea, home baking and sandwiches. Disabled access and toilets are available. Shieldbank is located 1½ miles north of Saline on North Road.  

Last Saturday's Fun Day, organised by the Gala Committee, was a roaring success.
Blessed  with 2013's first proper sunny Saturday, the fun day was well attended. Thanks go to the organisers and all those who contributed to the entertainment, which was ably MC'd by presenters from West Fife Radio. The go-carts, bouncy castles, photo-booth, and children's magician were all highly popular.

The percussion band, Sambangra, came up from Manchester and played several sets during the afternoon. Ian Holmes-Lewis, who founded Sambangra in 1997, now lives locally and is starting a similar group here in Saline / Steelend. Many who saw them play were keen to be part of the group when it starts in a couple of weeks, but there may still be space for one or two more. Ian insists that no experience is necessary, and he will provide all the drums. If you'd like to have a go, contact Ian on 851 855 or 

Lottery Lessons
Most people in our community will be aware of Saline Environmental Group’s fantastic success in raising the funds to enable a start on the much-needed path to Oakley.  The group will no doubt be giving more details but, as chair of our community council, I feel that there are lessons that would help others to progress other priorities.
A critical factor to all funding partners is being able to demonstrate that the proposal is actually a community priority.  SEG was able to prove this through the Community Action Plan that was prepared by a partnership of groups and individuals.  This plan sets out priorities, and I would urge groups who have ideas they want to develop to make use of the Plan.  It is worth noting that the approach taken by the Community Futures Steering Group is being rolled out elsewhere in the West Fife villages, something that shows our community in a very good light.

An important second lesson is to consider a partnership with Fife Council and/or others.  It is unrealistic to expect the Council to fund everything in the current economic climate; but its financial and human contributions to the Community Action Plan and the strong commitment to the path project must have helped influence those now providing the project funding.  We are fortunate in having good local councillors, and I would urge groups to explore partnerships with Fife Council.

Those involved in the application have remarked on the help from BIG Lottery officers and recommend that ideas are discussed at an early date at either one of regular Fife Council Funding Roadshows or by contacting Lottery staff direct. The Lottery has funded a number of local projects, and a common feedback is that Lottery staff want to find ways to help improve groups’ chances of success.

I note with interest David Chisholm’s recent update on progress towards a Community Development Trust.  I think that this is an excellent idea that we should all support and contribute to the forthcoming consultations.  It is important to note that this is an extension of Community Futures and is not dominated by any particular group, including the Community Council.  The Action Plan process was carried out by many folk not previously active in any groups and by newcomers to the community.  We should reflect that this Bulletin and web site are the result of the formation of the Communications Group in response to an identified priority in the Community Action Plan.

While I have focussed on the lessons from Lottery success, we must not forget the financial support from others, another factor that influences thinking.  Thanks are therefore due to Fife Council, Blair House Trust and Colton Trust, while Forestry Commission Scotland is providing “in kind” support worth over £15,000.

 In July 2006, in an editorial for the then Village Newsletter I wrote “Every one of us who join with our friends and neighbours in any community activity makes life a little better for ourselves and our family and makes our village a better place to live”.   I still believe this, but I would add that we should all beware of developing “cliques” that unintentionally exclude outsiders.  Please use this Bulletin and the village website to keep the whole community abreast of your plans and successes, and to applaud the successes of others.

John Crane
Saline and Steelend Community Council  

Kinneddar Park and Cowstrandburn Residents Association
The Kinneddar Park and Cowstrandburn Residents Association report that they have currently secured funding towards their project for the upgrading of the recreational spaces within Kinneddar Park from Blair House Trust as well as Fife Leader and Fife Environment and Communities Fund and would like to say thank you to all these bodies for their support thus far.
Progress is slow at the moment to get the project started as there are difficulties in obtaining permission from CISWO to agree with Fife Council to the upgrade of the very sparse, ageing recreational areas.
 - If anyone has any expertise in this area, please contact them on 07803 588111 (Karen Marsh).  The next meeting will take place in May 2013, date to be confirmed.

Don’t forget – if you have things you want to promote on the community website, contact Ian Holmes-Lewis on 851855.

this edition of the Bulletin is sponsored by the Blair House Trust

Wind Turbine Update: Public Event at 
the Community Hall on 18 April

The latest news on large (more than 100m = 300 feet) turbines round Saline is as follows:
The Outhmuir Community Liaison Group has met again in March. The proposed wind farm size is now likely to be five 110m turbines. A presentation on the impact of turbines at Outhmuir on water sources concluded that the chance of affecting local wells at three or four nearby properties is minimal. If the project gets planning permission, then the developer will consider making the Outhmuir area accessible to walkers by connecting the access path to the turbines with Loch Glow. 

On Thursday 18 April there will be a public information event regarding Outhmuir organised by REG, the developer. The exhibition will take place from 2.00pm to 7:30pm at Saline Community Centre. If you are unable to make that date, you can attend the exhibition at Carnock and Gowkhall Community Centre on Friday 19 April from 2.00pm to 7:30pm and at Kelty Community Centre on Saturday 20 April from 10.00am to 2.00pm.
Parallel to the Outhmuir developer event on Thursday 18 April from 2.00pm to 7:30pm, there will be an information display on all large turbine projects round Saline in the Community Centre.
There has been no significant progress on the planning processes of the Thornyhill, Blairadam or Devilla Forest turbine developments over the last month. Building of the Lockshaw Moss turbine west of Saline will start later this year.

The next Wind Turbine Discussion Forum will be held at Saline Golf Club on 1 May at 7.00pm. All welcome. 

An exhibition by REG, the Outh Muir Wind Farm developers, is planned for 18 April in the Saline Community Centre from 12.00 noon till 7.00pm. 
Till Kroeber  is organising a parallel exhibition in the small hall to provide an overall illustration of all the wind turbines planned and proposed for the Saline area. Till added that his monthly discussion group on local wind turbine development will be held at 7.00pm on 1 May in the Golf Club.

With the co-operation of the Steelend Residents Association, a survey was undertaken that targeted the folk living in Midfield Terrace and Sunnybraes Terrace, Steelend. 
This was to determine the views on a planning application to erect a 48.6 wind turbine approximately half a mile from the village. Ninety forms were delivered and nine completed forms were returned. Seven of the nine returned forms objected to the application and two of the nine forms were in favour of the application. These results were passed on to Fife Council.

Affordable Housing

Kingdom Housing Association has informed the Community Council that they have acquired a site on the Oakley Road from a local farmer. Their objective is to work towards submitting a planning application to build affordable housing. 
Mr Henderson, from the Association, has been invited to give a presentation of the Association’s plans at the next Community Council meeting due to be held at 7.30pm on Tuesday, 30 April at the Community Centre.  The presentation will take place prior to the normal meeting. All welcome.

Horticultural Society

The Horticultural Society is gearing itself up for this year’s Show which will be held over the weekend of Saturday 8th / Sunday 9th September.
There are several new categories in the vegetable section,
the annual gardens (flowers and vegetables), hanging baskets, pots,  and patio sections. As well as exciting baking subjects; challenging floral arrangements, including one to celebrate T In The Park; and an emphasis on encouraging children to take part   

The catalogue, which is issued free to all houses in Saline, Steelend and to the rural communities, will be distributed before the end of May to everyone. Please do have a look through it and if a topic or item appeals to you, think about entering on the day. 

Primarily, it is fun for all, as well as a chance for the serious gardener, cook or craftsperson to show us their expertise.
For any queries, please contact the Secretary, Sheila Travers, on 01383 852249.

Community Council Meeting, 26 March 2013

The Secretary reported that, regarding the lack of action by Fife Council Transportation Services to effect repairs on the road from Saline to the Clackmannanshire boundary in spite of repeated letters on the subject, he had written a formal letter of complaint to the Chief Executive of Fife Council. 
The Chief Executive’s Department has forwarded the letter to Transportation Services. No further response has been received.

The Secretary added that he had e-mailed Ian Jones at Transportation Services regarding further complaints from the residents of Kinneddar Park about the excessive speed of vehicles travelling past the Kinneddar Park junction.

The next Community Council meeting will be held at 7.30pm on 30 April in Saline Community Centre
We try and keep our meetings as friendly and as informal as possible so everyone can have their say - and they normally do.

More Monkey Business.
Further to the report of the Saline Gorilla in Issue 12 of the Bulletin, and further information regarding Lynn’s Monkey in Issue 11, the Editor received a call from an anonymous reader informing her that this feature had been referred to in their family as the Rock Ape for many years. Readers who have been in the services may recall another use of this term when referring to the stalwart men and women of the RAF Regiment:

(Origin of the "Rock Ape" nickname)
In the past the nickname "Rock Ape" has been attributed to the RAF Regiment's traditional role guarding areas of Gibraltar, but this is not correct. The term came into use after an accident in the Western Aden Protectorate in November 1952. Two Regiment officers serving with the APL at Dhala decided to amuse themselves by going out to shoot some of the hamadryas baboons (locally referred to as "rock apes"). The officers drew rifles and split up to hunt the apes. In the semi-darkness one of the officers fired at a moving object in the distance. When he reached the target he discovered he had shot the other officer. After emergency treatment Flight Lieutenant Percy Henry Mason survived to return to service a few months later. When asked why he had fired at his friend by a board of inquiry the officer replied that his target had "looked just like a rock ape" in the half light. The remark soon reverberated around the RAF and it was not long before the term was in general use.
(courtesy of Wikipedia)
Our informant adds, mysteriously, that this is no coincidence.

Forthcoming Meetings and Events

Saturday 20 April 
8pm - midnight
Saline Golf Club 

Wind Turbine Discussion Forum
7.00pm, 1 May
Saline Golf Club

Steelend Club

Domino and pool competitions every Friday from 9.00pm

Every Monday 5.30-6.30pm

Saline Church Hall

Every Thursday 6.00-7.30pm

Every Thursday 7.30pm-9.00pm

The Guild
Alternate Mondays, September-April, 7.30pm

Highland Dancing Classes
Tuesdays 4.00pm-5.00pm: Saline Church Hall
Thursdays 6.30pm-8.00pm: Saline Church Session Room

Saline & District Heritage Society
Wednesday 24 April
Famous Women of Fife
7.00pm for 7.30pm,

Saline Community Centre

Outhmuir Development Exhibition
12.noon - 7.00pm, 18th April

Community Council Meeting
Tuesday 30 April, 7.30 pm.

Saline, Steelend & District SWRI
Wednesday 1 May:
My Secret Kitchen, 7.15pm.

Over 50s Keep Fit Class
1130am-1230pm, Fridays in term-time

Adult Badminton
Mondays 7.45pm
Wednesday 1.30pm and 7.30pm
Beginners welcome

Saline Church Session Room

Craft and Chatter
Last Friday of every month from 7pm
All welcome

Carnock Community Centre:
116th Fife Scout Group
Beaver Colony 
Every Friday, 6pm-7.30 pm 
Cub Pack 
Every Thursday, 6.30pm-8pm
Scout Troop 
Every Thursday, 7.30pm-9pm
Explorer Unit 
Every Thursday, 7.30pm-9pm 
The Group meets in Carnock Community Centre, Camps Road, Carnock. 
Open to both boys and girls.

Calling All Local Societies and Groups:
Are you the secretary or organiser of a local society or group? Would you like to attract new members or remind people of what is coming up? Or perhaps tell everyone of your achievements and activities?

This Community Bulletin was produced by Saline, Steelend & Communities Communications Group.