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posted 21 May 2018, 15:53 by Ian Holmes-Lewis   [ updated 21 May 2018, 15:56 ]


The Forum was originally formed in the 1980s as part of an initiative between the then authorities and the Scottish Development Agency to address issues arising from the decline in the local mining industry. 

As part of this, several projects were carried out throughout the area, including community-led initiatives such as newsletters, computer training and publication of several books. 
The original intention was that community councils would co-operate on issues that affected all West Fife villages but over a number of years this focus was lost along with the Forum's effectiveness. 

The situation has now been reached that the current membership is considering winding up the group. However, there is a need for a collective approach to the West Fife Villages to enable our voices to be held and to press for much-needed change. Our three councillors are united with several communities who feel that a Forum should continue. Nevertheless, the format needs to be changed. with a focus on clearly defined priorities. In particular, councillors and some community councils feel that participation should not be restricted to community councillors and that others should be encouraged to participate. There is a specific desire to involve more younger people.

There is to be a meeting in Oakley Community Centre at 7.30pm on 31st May to decide whether the current Forum should continue. This will be followed by an open meeting to discuss how the current or a new forum should be organised to better address the many issues in the area. 

This area is likely to be faced with contentious issues and opportunities over the forthcoming years and it is essential that our communities pull together for the common good. Please come along to the meeting on 31st May, have your say and perhaps identify a role for yourself.  



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