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Communications Group

posted 20 May 2012, 16:58 by Ian Holmes-Lewis
The people have spoken and our website ( ) now has a  banner and logo. The winning entries in the recent competition were Derek Robertson’s painting of the tower on Bandrum hill in winter, and Chad Kenney’s excellent logo featuring crossed miner’s pick and golf club. There were several other strong contenders. Thanks to everyone who took part, either by submitting or voting for an entry both online and at the West Fife Villages Art Exhibition where entries were displayed.

A new addition to the site is a survey to gauge local opinion on whether or not to purchase Saline Glen on behalf of our community. It’s a simple yes/no question, and if you have an opinion either way it would be very useful to know how you feel. The survey’s on the front page, it’ll only take a second and there’s no need to sign in.

We are starting to add other content to the site, and are looking to all local groups and societies to contribute material so that we can create a page for each of you. Saline First Responders are first up with their page and we’re expecting the Horticultural Society to be on line soon.

There have been teething problems with the site calendar, and we have been working on producing a definitive set of instructions to help group organisers post new events. If you’re experiencing problems with this feature please contact Ian Holmes-Lewis on 851855 or Mark Baugh on 851059 who are on hand to support you. There’s now a help page with instructions for the Google registration process which provides secure access to the site for those wishing to pdate the calendar.

This month’s Bulletin will also be appearing on the site (on the E-Bulletin page), and we’ll be emailing a link to this page to those who’ve requested it as soon as it’s ready. Mary Mitchell is piloting “e- bulletin” in her distribution area and is inviting residents to register for this method. Accessing the bulletin on line is much more environmentally friendly than distributing manually 

Some people have expressed concern that registering with the site and/or registering with Google (particularly important for group organisers who may want to edit the calendar, etc.) may result in quantities of spam and other unwanted emails. We’d like to reassure people that no spam will result from your registering with the site, and that no-one has yet received any unwanted mail as a result of registering with Google.

Up for Grabs

Four Saline and Steelend residents, along with 30 other “contestants”, are off to the “Up for Grabs” event on 26th May being held by Fife Council to bid for a slice of £10,000 to support the development of our communications strategy – fingers crossed!

Ian Holmes-Lewis and Mark Baugh