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The West Fife Villages Exhibition

The West Fife Villages Exhibition of Art, Photography & Crafts

It was all Austen Clark’s fault. Over a can of beer sometime in late 2005, he happened to mention that the Dunfermline Art Club were getting new display boards. “What are you doing with the old ones?” says I.  And these few words gave birth to the West Fife Villages Exhibition of Art and Photography.  (Maybe I should learn to keep my big mouth shut!)

 The Eighth Annual West Fife Villages Exhibition of Art, Photography & Craft was held over the weekend of 20th & 21st April in the Saline Community Centre.  The event was judged my many visitors to have been the best ever as far as the quality and quantity were concerned.  All twelve primary schools located in the West Fife villages were involved and for the first time senior students from Queen Anne High School provided some thought-provoking exhibits.

We were also pleased to display a board containing exhibits from the residents of Bandrum Nursing Home and were equally pleased to welcome a group of visitors from the Home.

The Dunfermline Photographic Society presented a fine display of photographs as normal and the Dunfermline Art Club, who have been associated with and have supported us since the event started in 2005, exhibited some high quality work.

Liz Harvey and Anne Marie Irving kept the children, and some adults, busy in their respective art workshops and Jim Douglas talked to numerous visitors about his work that was on display.

The event was opened by the Rev. Lesley Risby who was introduced by Gareth Turner, the President of the Saline Horticultural and Handcraft Society.  The Rev. Risby was presented with a potted orchid by Brendan   Kerr.

370 exhibits were submitted by local school and the main exhibition consisted of 228 photographs, 165 paintings, numerous prints and 6 craft tables.  In total 70 artists and photographers were involved in the event.

 The Saline & Blairingone Church Guild provided an excellent service with refreshments and light lunches during the two days of the exhibition.

The only disappointment was in the reduced number of visitors to this year’s event.  Approximately 360 visitors were welcomed to the exhibition over the two days that it was open.  Over previous years the numbers have been over 400. It was very obvious from our observations and the visitor’s book, that we welcomed far more folk from Dunfermline and the other West Fife villages than from Saline and Steelend.  A few local people put a lot of work into this annual event that is ignored by most of the local population. The Exhibition committee will therefore be reviewing the future of this exhibition in November. 

Although our objectives were originally somewhat nebulous they are now more or less solidified as 
follows: -

To encourage artists and photographers who do not belong to an art or photographic club, to exhibit their work for the first time. A good number of our exhibitors fall into this category. Our small but friendly event gives these artists confidence and a little experience. 
To promote our exhibition throughout the  West of Fife in order to attract as many  visitors as possible. Last year we welcomed over 400 visitors during the 2 days of  the event.

To give all West Fife village primary school children the opportunity and confidence to exhibit their art work and to encourage them to visit the exhibition.    

It will be unfortunate if it is decided to discontinue holding this somewhat unique event as Saline and the rest of the West Fife villages will be that much the poorer.

 For more information, please contact Dave Quinney 01383 851069 Email <annajeanquinney @yahoo.co.uk>  or John Crane 01383 85269 <johnrobertcranec24.net>

John Crane  Exhibition Manager