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Sign in HELP page

Instructions for signing out at the bottom of this page.

I want to create a Google Account 

(you'll need this to sign in - if you already have one, see below for help signing in) 

NB: Google security is pretty good, you are highly unlikely to receive spam as a result of registering with Google.
(as always, watch out for check boxes opting you in to marketing alerts, etc.)

   Click this link to open Google's Create Account page in a new window

instructions for creating a Google account:

The following steps will walk you through creating your Google Account. A sample form is shown below. If you have problems with the 'Captcha' ('Word Verification' to prove you are a human, not a computer program), you may want to complete step 7 first, in case you have to refresh the page several times.
  1. Use your current e-mail address. This email does not have to be a gmail address. Most people have an  e-mail address other than gmail.
  2. Choose a password that you will remember.
  3. Enter your password again to check for typos.
  4. Check Stay signed in and uncheck Enable Web History Uncheck Set Google as my default homepage.
  5. Select 'Location' (United Kingdom)
  6. You must be 18+ years old so enter any date that meets this requirement.
  7. Type in the characters you see under Word Verification to verify you are a person. The characters may not spell a real word; you can type all the characters in lower case, if you want. If you cannot read the characters, refresh the page to get a new word.
  8. Click I accept. Create my account.
  9. Open the verification message that is sent to your e-mail address and follow the instructions.

Once you've created your Google account, or if you already have one, click on the 'sign in' link at the top of the salinesteelend.org side bar or use the link further down this page and follow the instructions below (depending on your settings, you may be signed in instantly, without redirecting to the Google 'sign-in' page - check to see if 'members only' content (e.g. LOCAL CONTACTS) is available in the navigation menu: if so, you are already signed in):

Help me sign in to my existing Google Account

The Google Account sign in screen is confusing for first time users. A sample screen is shown below. Ignore all the stuff about Google Sites on the left and just fill in your email and password on the right and click 
Sign in.

To sign out you can go to the normal Google search page. In the corner you will see your account name, click the arrow next to this which reveals a box with a Sign Out button. If you want to sign in again, refreshing the Salinesteelend.org page will now return you to the visitors' version, and you can sign in again. Or, to sign in with another account name, use the Google search page.
                                                                                 To complete the signing out                          
                                                                                  process, either close your  
                                                                                  browser or refresh the
                                                                                  salinesteelend.org page.