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Saline and District Heritage Society

Formed 26.04.11

Local history and heritage group. Meets monthly in the winter. Annual membership is only £5.

Our Museum

It is now open for the summer season and the theme this year is 'Archaeology'. It is open every Sunday 10 -12, Tuesday 6pm - 8pm and Wednesday 10am - 12 noon. Entrance is free and our volunteers love chatting to locals and visitors alike.

On Sunday 17th September we will be taking part in Open Doors Fife. Both the museum and the church will be open from 11am - 2pm as well as tours of the graveyard and possibly the enclosed settlement. 

Latest News
On Friday you may have noticed some activity in the corner between the school and the church. Mark from Dunfermline Young Archaeology Club was clearing trees from the site of the old coffin house in preparation for a dig. He was helped by local school children and has been visiting the school for the past week to explain what they can do to help. The actual dig will be taking place at various times during the next few weeks so if you see them there, you are welcome to go and have a look.

We have also been busy clearing the path to and from Bandrum and Brightside cafe. The route is now ready to be walked and is an alternative short cut leading from the main core path. Please be aware that it is steep in places and should be accessed at your own risk. A welcome cup of tea and a scone is your reward (cafe  opening times vary). Apparently the ruins of nearby Myrie Hall are haunted by a man called Sow Rab Miller so, on your way, if you see anything......

The graveyard has been given a summer tidy up and the wildflowers are looking lovely. If it would just stop raining, it would be a nice place to sit.


Winter Speaker Events

A bit early for this as they don't start until September
but Barry has been busy putting together an interesting list of speakers - to be announced soon.

Admission for these events is members £1 and non-members £2.

We have plenty to look forward to and plenty of work to do, so if anyone would like to volunteer their services for any of our projects or would like to find out more, please let Linda Moyes know (852 817)