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Saline First Responders

Saline First Responders update AUGUST 2012
Hilary Warnock

Our First Responder team covers not only Saline but also Blairhall, Oakley, Comrie, Carnock, Gowkhall and outlying farms.   We still require volunteers as our aim is to be able to provide 24-hour cover for the area.

We are holding our first fundraising event on Friday 28th September in Saline Church Hall when the Queen Anne Singers will be singing from their mixed repertoire; there should be some laughs from A Funny Wee Turn and we are also looking for raffle prizes for that night.   

If you can support us in any way, please contact Hilary on hjwarnock@btinternet.com  or telephone 01383 852797.

Saline First Responders in Anstruther, receiving  a cheque from Mrs. Eleanor Bowman's Trust.

APRIL 2012

Our team now have 14 trained members, two of which have been trained to Intermediate level.  This allows them to be able to respond to more complex situations.

We have 3 new recruits who will attend our monthly meetings/updates until they finally decide whether they wish to complete the training or not.   The three new volunteers are from Carnock which is excellent as so far all other volunteers are from Saline.   The Saline First Responders cover Blairhall, Comrie, Oakley, Carnock , Gowkhall, Steelend and outlying farms – so please contact us if you stay or work in these areas and you would like to be a First Responder.

We would like to say a BIG thank you to Saline Church Hall trustees as they allow us to use their hall free of charge each month – this is fantastic for us and we would certainly struggle without that support.

The Scottish Ambulance Service look after us very well and we were invited to attend an evening at the Emergency Medical Dispatch Centre which deals with 999 calls from our area.  It was a very interesting night and it was good to meet some of the staff that we have to contact re. our shifts and communicate with about the casualty’s symptoms.   

We are still fund-raising for our second de-fibrillator and we have applied for funds to several different groups in the area.   Unfortunately, no-one has come forward to initiate a group who would deal with the fund-raising and gaining charitable status.  If we cannot get volunteers for this side of our work, we will have to pay VAT on our equipment and it will take us longer to save for it (as a charity, we would be exempt from paying VAT).  Therefore, if anyone would like more information on our fund-raising requirements and what it would mean, or if anyone would like to make a donation or to volunteer as a First Responder – please use the contact details below.

Please help us however you can – we’re here to help you!

Saline First Responders
Tel: 01383 852797
Email: responder@salfru.co.uk