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Of Cabbages and Kings

Saline Parish has some interesting and unusual tales to tell.

Jules Verne took a holiday in the parish. The sons of a Saline man started and finished the American Civil War. A Saline man introduced department stores to Canada. A farm labourer’s son from Steelend became the greatest linguist and theologian of his age and worked for the Tsar of Russia. A Saline born earl became king of Scots. (Well almost) Two Saline brothers bought a ranch in Texas and fought Indians and bandits.

All these stories and more are contained in a new book entitled “Saline Parish; of Cabbages and Kings.

This 128 page book, that includes 16 pages of photographs and maps, has been 8 years in the writing and is a very much enlarged second edition to a former book, “The Saline Parish Historical Trail” published in 2004.

In addition to the stories about people born and who lived in the parish, the book gives a detailed history of coal mining in the parish and provides vivid accounts of dramatic events underground.

A host of facts on the interesting buildings and features of the parish are provided together with a review of the medieval and ecclesiastical history of the area.

An enjoyable read for anyone interested in the parish, and a nice gift for relatives and friends abroad who have connection with Saline.


To obtain a copy locally, these are for sale at the Saline General Store and Saline Post Office. In Dunfermline copies are available in the Carnegie library (Local History Dept), Abbots House Book Shop, Visit Scotland, 1 High St.,  Andrew Carnegie Birthplace Museum and Waterstones Book Shop in the Kingsgate. Note:- Some outlets in Dunfermline may charge more than £5

For a postal copy, send cheque made out to “Crane Books” for £5 plus £1.50 for p &p.

For supply overseas, e-mail johnrobertcrane@ ic24.net