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Communications Team

Communications Team

Our purpose is to provide a hub for the residents within the Saline and Steelend district boundary to exchange relevant, appropriate and timely information, in the most accessible and convenient way.

We are working towards:

·  Improving communication channels to ensure that all residents have access to information that may impact positively or negatively on their quality of life

·  Ensuring residents are not disadvantaged by lack of access to these communication channels

·  Supporting community groups and events in maximising community involvement

·  Providing a communications platform:

o that will promote activities that improve the local economy

o that promotes activities improving the quality of the local environment and that reduces the community’s carbon footprint

o that will stimulate community activity, debate and connection

o that will support the enhancement of residents’ standard of living and quality of life

Our current hot topics are:

·  Attracting funding for a continued presence of the bulletin and further website development

·  Encouraging groups to create their own web page on the site and to support an "up to date" community calendar

Meet the team:

Mark Baugh – Comms Team Co-ordinator – T: 851059 – e: marklbaugh@aol.co.uk

Ian Holmes-Lewis – Website Maestro – T: 851855 – e: sambangraman@gmailcom

Jacquie Clapperton – Bulletin Editor – T: 852367 – e: salineandsteelend@btinternet.com

Maggie & Jim Currie– Deliver to the distribution team – T: 852857

Our Distributor Team includes: Barry & Laura Doyle, David Chisholm, Karen Marsh, Margaret Currie, Donald Murdoch, Margaret & Alan Platt, Muriel Phillips, Julie Harkness, Irene Wardell, Chris Wright, Helen Clarke, Annabella Davison, Sharon Nicol, Susan Smith, Chris Moir, Fiona Aitken

You can help too

We are currently looking for someone who can help us gather our annual funding requirements. We need to raise £1,300 per year from individuals and organisations in the local community to keep the information flowing. Can you help us? Call Mark on 851059